GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 35 , GSI Health was founded in 2003 with a vision of a future in which today’s healthcare problems are solved. Led by founder LeRoy Jones, GSI Health is helping transform the uninformed and poorly coordinated care being practiced today to prevent runaway costs and improve patient health. As experts in convening organizations from across the continuum, GSI Health provides an innovative technology that enables care teams to collaborate via harmonized workflows so that care delivery is comprehensive and optimized—with low friction for both patients and providers. The company’s care coordination platform bridges technologies and empowers its clients to achieve real results through improved efficiency, lower costs, and improved outcomes. “We believe that just treating a disease and ignoring social determinants and behavioral issues that impact patient health doesn’t work with today’s healthcare economics. Our innovative technology enables teams to treat the whole person rather than just a disease, enabling collaboration with community partners and orchestrating a workflow across the care team so patients receive all the care they need for optimal health. We believe that collaborative whole-person care yields a healthier population, an optimized patient experience, Best Population Health Management Solution Provider 2018 - USA GSI Health’s population health management platform supports “ whole person ” care, enablinghospitals andhealthplans to collaborate across any care setting to treat all patient issues—including medical as well as lifestyle and socioeconomic factors that negatively impact patient well-being—and put them on a path toward better health. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, Founder LeRoy Jones shares his insights about what GSI Health has to offer. and more manageable health care costs.” Unique to the healthcare market, GSI Health’s GSIHealthCoordinator platform organizes care teams across heterogenous networks so they can collaborate to address the entirety of patient needs, including medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health. The technology integrates and analyzes data from across the care continuum to eliminate information siloes and provide a more complete picture with better understanding of the needs and overall health of patients and populations. This innovative approach consolidates diverse, fragmented data in a single comprehensive and personalized care plan, delivering timely intelligence at the point of care so that care teams have the information they need to take action. Care coordination analytics provide meaningful insights that measure how care models are working and how they can be improved so care teams can proactively address gaps in patient care, allocate scarce resources, and strategically identify at-risk patients. The proof is in the numbers. GSI Health’s technology empowers its clients to work more efficiently, resulting in savings of as much as $1K/patient/month while improving patient outcomes. By better managing patient conditions, clients have reduced emergency department usage by 32% and increased ambulatory care usage—a more appropriate form of care—by 181%. GSI Health’s collaborative partnership with clients continues throughout the lifetime of an engagement, empowering clients to improve how they coordinate care, analyze populations, manage patients, community care, and population health, and comply with the emerging and evolving standards and regulations that govern the industry. Looking ahead, this will remain central to the firm’s ongoing success, as LeRoy is proud to conclude. “At GSI Health, we believe that we are more than a software company—we are a healthcare company committed to improving the lives of patients, especially those affected by social factors and chronic diseases. We not only align with our customers in this mission but join them in partnership by providing the tools and services that help them address medical and non-medical factors so that patient health improves, and the economics work for them to continue to provide quality care.” HP180038 Company: GSI Health Address: 1735 Market Street, 53rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: 888.206.4237 Website: Twitter: @GSIHealth