GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

4 GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Based in Oklahoma City since 2002, 180 Medical was founded by Todd Brown after he was injured in a motocross accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He faced all kinds of new challenges after he left the rehabilitation facility, including encounters with multiple medical supply companies with subpar customer service. His experience led him to start a company to provide supplies that could turn lives around while making it a goal to employ kind people who truly have a heart for serving others. Following his experiences with other medical supply companies, as well as the multiple urinary tract infections that ran down his energy and health before being introduced to sterile intermittent catheterization, Todd wanted to make it his goal to offer others in his position a better option. He wanted to create a catheter supply company that would be run with the utmost of integrity and could turn lives around through compassionate customer service, education about hygiene and how to properly self-catheterize, and a wide variety of the top catheter brands on the market. Through his dreams, 180 Medical was born, and today, HP180036 Best Catheter Supplies Company 2018 Dedicated to providing high-quality support and solutions, 180 Medical is one of America’s fastest growingnationally accreditedproviders of sterile-use catheters, ostomy anddisposable medical supplies. As we showcase a selection of winners from this years’ Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, we felt it was about time we profile the firm to share an insight into how it came to win one of our prestigious accolades. the firm continues to work to achieve Todd’s vision for the company and its growing customer base. As a multi- award-winning firm, the team has clearly succeeded, however keen not to rest on their laurels, the team is constantly innovating and adapting. Initially, the company serviced the immediate Oklahoma City area but quickly expanded to become one of America’s fastest-growing nationally- accredited providers of sterile- use catheters, ostomy, and related disposable medical supplies. With customers across the United States, today 180 Medical is dedicated to meeting the diverse supply needs of customers while giving the best service experience possible. As in many industries, in both the healthcare and supply spaces, in which 180 Medical operates, staff are vital to success. Thanks to its focus on making 180 Medical a great place to foster a career, the firm has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma, created and awarded by the Best Companies Group for nine years. By hiring people who also demonstrate a desire to help others and a compassionate spirit and offering opportunities to give back, the senior management feel that coming to work at 180 Medical is not just for a pay check, but is instead a fun and rewarding place for employees to help make a difference in their customers’ lives. As such, customers can expect a truly exceptional level of support when they work with this dedicated and experienced company. Customer service is what sets 180 Medical apart from other suppliers within this competitive industry, and the firm takes great pride in helping make its customers’ lives easier. As 180 Medical is an organization constantly searching for ways to improve its service for customers and the healthcare facilities with whom it interacts, looking ahead the future is bright for this dynamic company. Over the coming years the firm plan to explore more opportunities and ways to give back and help others in the local and national community, as well as continuing to grow its workforce with caring, compassionate people who want to make a difference. All of these developments will help 180 Medical to grow and enhance its already incredible success. Todd Brown, Founder