Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

10 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , HP170021 GSI Health unites patients, providers, and payers of all kinds, supporting collaborative, all-inclusive healthcare for effective population healthmanagement with complex populations. The team at GSI Health discusses the company’s success and award-winning population healthmanagement solution. GSI Health’s innovative solutions deliver the bigger picture of patient care, moving beyond just medical or claims data to integrate behavioral information and social determinants of health from across the community so that care teams can manage, analyze, and engage with patients in real time as they move through the care delivery system. Care teams gain keener insights that improve the quality of care and the overall health of the population, enabling organizations to achieve better outcomes while improving ROI. Attributing a variety of factors to the company’s success, GSI Health’s founder and CEO LeRoy Jones explains what makes the firm unique and how the company aims to differentiate itself from other similar firms within the industry. “At GSI Health, we believe in a corporate vision of Healthcare Solved. That is, we have a corporate mission to deploy technology that enables seamless coordinated care across the continuum, thereby treating the whole person, and healing the whole population. We believe we are able to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by delivering a population health management solution that combines care coordination with rich analytics and deep interoperability in a single integrated platform. Our team’s expertise and world- class support helps our clients navigate the evolving landscape of value-based healthcare models to ensure that their population health management initiatives continue to meet their needs.” A sign of its success, GSI Health’s innovative work has been independently validated through third-party research organizations and is being applied to programs that are helping improve outcomes for some of the population’s most vulnerable patients. “At GSI Health, our work successfully supporting innovative programs focusing on integrated care, such as the Medicaid Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program and others is enabling providers to assume more risk for managing their populations, and meet the challenges of moving to a value- based model, which is the future of the healthcare industry. “As the first permanent payment reform for safety- net populations, the DSRIP program is influencing healthcare payment programs throughout the nation. Our platform is a pioneering technology for the DSRIP program, supporting the biggest public hospital system in the country and the largest performing provider system (PPS) in New York State’s DSRIP program. Our quick and successful support of the DSRIP program for our clients has escalated them as leaders in DSRIP progress.” GSI Health strives to keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare industry, driving innovation with healthcare delivery now and into the future. “Payment innovations within the industry have given rise to our technological innovations around collaborative care and care-delivery optimization. Our solutions are helping establish new paradigms, such as support for distributed, multidisciplinary care teams, and multi-provider longitudinal care plans for patients. We have been on the vanguard, bringing analytics to the point of care and connecting insights with care delivery in a way not previously done. We are a part of the emerging discovery of what care protocols are empirically useful in a collaborative care model, which will transform what we currently think of as evidence- based medicine.” GSI Health is poised to build on the success of its previous achievements. “We have been able to stay a leader in this emerging field because we have accurately predicted the market’s key needs, and their correct trajectory of relevance, enabling our customers to be equipped to consistently perform well in a rapidly evolving environment. Healthcare payment reform is driving our growth, and the move to replacing volume-based compensation with value-based compensation will continue to fuel our leadership for years to come.” Most Innovative Healthcare Platform 2017 LeRoy Jones Founder and CEO