Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

12 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , HP170030 Casenet delivers a population health and care management platform tomeet the unique care coordination needs of health plans, government-sponsored organizations and other risk bearing entities. CEO PeterMasanotti tells us more about the firmand the services it offers. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience in the population health and care management industry, Casenet’s mission is to be the single, unified population health platform that enables our clients to deliver better health outcomes at appropriate costs. Led by a team that combines a passion for healthcare and deep domain expertise with proven track records of delivering powerful enterprise software solutions and delighting customers, the firm works hard to achieve its goals and provide its clients with the very highest possible standards of service, as Peter explains. “Here at Casenet, we align data and resources, so our clients can manage care with confidence. Our configurable, scalable population health management platform unites disparate data sources, enabling a more comprehensive view of patients and citizens. As a result, our clients can improve the delivery of care at appropriate costs. “The Casenet population health and care management platform scales to meet unique customer requirements and is configurable to satisfy specific state and federal government as well as business needs. The Casenet team works with clients to deliver a platform that meets their current and future needs. Fundamentally, our team’s sole focus is on population health and care management solutions and this singular focus is rewarded by the high customer satisfaction rating given to us by our loyal clients.” When operating in such a fast paced market, staying at the forefront of the latest industry developments is vital. Thanks to its vast knowledge of the market, Casenet has a strong understanding of the latest changes to the market, and therefore Peter is eager to emphasise these and how they impact his firm. “As EHRs and EMRs are more widely implemented, there is a greater need to make the data within EMRs/EHRs available and actionable across systems. Integrating electronic records with a care management system provides synergy on many levels: among individuals and teams; payers and providers; and within clinical, IT, financial and other stakeholders. Centralized data mined from EHRs/EMRs trigger care that is timely, comprehensive and considerate of all member health circumstances. Workflow efficiency, in tandem with utilization and care management, improve the health of patients and citizens, who receive the best possible care each time, and reduce costs by ensuring only appropriate, non-duplicative care is provided. “The current changes in policy have further supported the Casenet mission of enabling our clients to deliver better health outcomes at appropriate costs. No matter what the changes in the health policy and processes today, the most vulnerable populations and the chronically ill will continue to need care coordination programs to ensure appropriate use of resources and positive health outcomes.” To adapt around these latest policy developments, Casenet has recently developed a solution to help improve provider engagement and reduce the administrative burden placed on providers as a result of the prior authorization process. The TruCare ProAuth™ solution enables providers to submit and track authorizations via an online portal with the goal of reducing faxes and increasing automation. TruCare ProAuth streamlines the authorization submission process and enables providers to more quickly and easily receive authorization decisions thus enabling providers to spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. It is this focus on client satisfaction that defines the firm’s achievements, as Peter discusses. “Overall, Casenet’s success is tied to its clients’ success. Our team works hard to serve each and every one of our clients every day. There is no better measure of how hard they work than direct client feedback. In 2017, independent research firm, KLAS, selected Casenet as the 2017 Best in KLAS Care Management Vendor award winner. This recognition is especially rewarding because it is based on the research KLAS did Best Payer Population Health Platform – USA directly with Casenet and other industry clients. “In addition to our KLAS award, Casenet received a 93% customer satisfaction rating from its internally managed client customer satisfaction survey. Client needs are prioritized when developing TruCare, ensuring that TruCare grows in alignment with them.” Moving forward, Peter believes that the next game changing healthcare innovation will be universal longitudinal care records that travel with patients and provide ubiquitous access to care information. Such an innovation requires advanced information integration to deliver 360-degree, longitudinal views of patients regardless of location, payer or provider. Unifying all health information along a patient’s health journey will allow care teams to achieve the best quality care and outcomes. As such, he is keen, in his concluding comments, to highlight how Casenet will continue to build upon its technical offering to provide clients with the solutions they need. “Looking to the future, we believe that technology investments that focus on reforming the care and management of patients with the most complex conditions and empowering the healthy to stay healthy is the future direction of the healthcare industry. Casenet is well positioned to participate in this evolution of the healthcare industry.”