Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

18 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , HP170012 3C Excellis Europe, a subsidiary of US-based Excellis Health Solutions, is a leading European specialised consultancy. Christoph Krähenbühl provides us with an insight into the company and its success. 3C Excellis’ particular focus is on serialisation and traceability in the pharmaceutical industry, provided within the wider expertise of a business and information technology consulting company. The company provides strategic business advice, solutions and products for clients within the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer packaged goods industries. In addition, 3C Excellis is also a preferred business partner for many of the leading fortune 2000 companies because of its vertical industry knowledge and commitment to delivering excellent client service. Christoph outlines the overall aims of the company and provides us with more details of how the team plans to reach its goals. “Here at 3C Excellis, our aim is to provide value beyond compliance. Every employee helps our customers to define their serialization related enterprise strategy and integrate track and trace in their business architecture, identify and implement the right solutions to make their program a success. This approach is rooted in years of practical experience and always framed from the client’s perspective rather than the classic solution provider’s perspective. “All of the team place great faith on our solution and vendor independence, as we recognise that different customers may have very different needs. A solution that is perfect for one customer may be the wrong approach for a company that has different requirements and faces different constraints. Through a rich set of tools, methodology and products that the team have developed, we are uniquely placed to ensure a successful outcome, with the critical and ever shortening timelines framed by the urgent regulatory requirements.” Following on from explaining the company’s mission, Christoph is keen to discuss 3C Excellis’ most significant breakthrough. Integrating with a US based company is something he highlights straight away, as well as noting excellent customer satisfaction, and a full understanding of the technology systems required to offer a quality service. “Over the last 18 months, we have successfully completed the full integration of our European organisation with US-based Excellis Health. This now places us in the leadership position of being able to combine the learning from the US in areas such as Aggregation and Supply Chain Management with the unique EU-FMD expertise to bring an unbeatable offer to our clients. As an organisation, we bring a deep understanding of all aspects of the full serialisation technology stack, from line level to global event repositories and external compliance reporting to authorities; thanks to our extensive hands-on implementation experience we also recognise the importance of the many and complex areas beyond the coding and IT systems that need to be covered in order to deliver a successful project outcome.” Establishing themselves as a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, Christoph tells us what 3C Excellis does to ensure it stays ahead of developments, and how staff adapt to any potentially challenging issues. “Always looking for the next development, staff actively monitor and interpret the ever- changing regulatory requirements for our internal use and also to be able to offer our clients the Regulatory Requirements Radar product. Additionally, the team work actively in industry associations, helping shape the developments and collaborate with solution providers which offers us insights from all sides. “Regarding our hiring structure, we invest in recruiting and Best Pharmaceutical Serialisation Consultancy 2017 training young associates who can benefit from the experience of our established practitioners. We are also productising our offering including products such as our Passport to Europe, our Regulatory Requirements Rader, our CMO on-boarding program and our serialization health check.” Looking ahead, Christoph predicts what the future has in store for the firm, as 3C Excellis Europe looks to capitalise on its previous achievements and resulting success in this competitive industry. The global reach of 3C Excellis Europe will help the team delve into new areas of expertise and regions, something staff can be very happy about. “Moving forward, the team will continue on an exciting program of expansion, through organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions. Leveraging our global resources, we are expanding into new areas and continue developing new products. “Ultimately, 3C Excellis Europe will continue to develop to be able to offer our current and prospective customers the best possible help and support in overcoming the enormous challenges that the industry faces.