Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

20 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , The Parkside Suite, Frimley, is an exceptional private unit within Frimley Park Hospital, part of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey. Annette talks us through what patients can expect from this award-winning unit. “The Parkside Suite is a dedicated private ward situated within an NHS Foundation Trust, with all profits generated by a patients’ stay re-directed to enhance NHS services within Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. The Suite has a dedicated multi-cultural team who are passionate about the care they deliver. This is at all levels and includes housekeeping; catering; finance and bookings; and our clinical teams of healthcare assistances, nurses, sisters and consultants. Each team prides themselves on the care they deliver and all are conveniently located with the Parkside Suite. HP170019 Operating within Frimley ParkHospital, the Parkside Suite offers a wide range of private healthcare services, the cost of which helps support the NHS services provided within the hospital. We spoke to Annette Godolphin to learnmore about how this is achieved. “Each and every one of our patients at the Parkside Suite can expect healthcare of the highest quality, and feel secure in the knowledge that some of the region’s finest specialists work within the hospital. Thanks to our unique location, our patients have access to the most up-to- date technology, treatment and scanning facilities.” “Staff really make the healthcare experience; however, we need to ensure that we are providing patients with the most cutting edge technological healthcare solutions, in order to make sure their recovery is properly monitored and controlled. To achieve this, the unit has access to a variety of facilities within the hospital, including operating theatres which are fully equipped to undertake a wide range of surgeries. These include specialised orthopaedic procedures, which are carried out in our clean-air theatre. As part of our dedication to innovation, five of our private rooms are equipped with Draeger cardiac monitors for our cardiology patients.” Working with a wide variety of patients, the unit is keen to offer each and every one of them the highest level of support, as Annette is keen to emphasise. “Ever flexible, we offer care to both insured and self-funding patients. Private medical treatment is a personal choice and we find that young and old, professional or retired individuals want to take advantage of shorter waiting times, flexible appointments and continuity of care.” “To ensure everyone we treat receives the support they need, our mission is to guarantee our patients’ and their families’ journey is of the highest standard, whether they are with us for a day procedure or for a more complex case we want to provide transparent and understanding care for all. Our detailed ‘patient pathway’ allows patients to understand the care they will receive. This includes our team liaising with insurance companies on the patients’ behalf and assisting with price and care packages that are available.” “Once a patient has had their procedure booked, they will be contacted by the bookings team who will inform them of pre-op appointments, details of admission and expected length of stay. After their procedure, Best Private Healthcare Service - Surrey should they require it, we have specialist teams within Frimley Park Hospital who can assist with, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech and language therapy, pain management and post-operative care.” “With Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust acquiring Wexham Park Hospital, we have absorbed their private unit, formerly named the Paragon Suite. This has been rebranded as the Parkside Suite, Wexham, and a major refurbishment of this unit will provide patients in the Berkshire area with a further choice when booking private treatment. We understand the constant need to improve the services we provide. With this in mind we have introduced a private GP Service. Patients can make flexible appointments with our in house Private GP, they assist with various health issues for all the family including; health checks, vaccinations, immunisations injections and emergency prescriptions. We also offer complimentary initial cosmetic consultations, the most popular of which are; varicose veins, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, mole removal and blepharoplasties.” Ultimately, the Parkside Suite has already achieved extensive success, however as Annette is keen to highlight, the team will not be resting on its laurels and is keen to continue providing the exceptional standard of care on which the unit has come to pride itself.