Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

24 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , Saint Peter’s Hospital is a major clinical affiliate of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and an affiliate of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and works to offer the very highest standards of healthcare service and support to patients from across the New Jersey. Archana talks us through her role at the hospital and some of the recent projects she has undertaken. “Here at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, I work as Chief Pediatric Pulmonologist. Through this role, I work with children who have all types of respiratory disorders, and one of my goals is to reduce hospital admissions in asthmatic children. In order to do this, I have created an Asthma Awareness Action Plan, which is part of home management care. This is an individualized set of guidelines given to each patient and their family, listing their short- acting rescue medication and daily prophylactic medication. It also includes arrangements for follow-up appointments and HP170024 Saint Peter’s University Hospital is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen, and acts as a state-designated children’s hospital and a regional perinatal center. We invited AwardWinner Archana SinghMD, F.A.A.P to tell us more about her work and how she achieves excellence in every aspect of this. environmental control to reduce asthma triggers. They are educated on how to recognize warning symptoms and take the appropriate medicine as needed. “Fundamentally, asthma exacerbation is a serious medical issue that increases morbidity in children. One of the challenges pediatricians face is working to establish compliance in their patients. Under my supervision, St. Peter’s University Hospital was a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures for Children’s Asthma Care by the Joint Commission from 2012-2015. The Joint Commission analyzes pediatric admissions from ages 2-18 years old, with asthma as the primary diagnosis, and the percentages that received relievers, systemic corticosteroids, and discharged with a home management plan. The purpose of the Joint Commission is to ensure hospitals are providing the highest quality of care while meeting regulatory requirements to decrease operational costs and shortened lengths of stay. This means the care given to asthmatic pediatric patients meet regulatory guidelines of decreased hospitalizations and shorter duration of stay.” With regards to the future, Archana is keen to build upon her current success and continue to offer dedicated asthma support that will provide life changing results to her patients, as she is proud to conclude. “Looking ahead, I would like to expand our asthma education plan to improve quality of life for my patients. My plan includes starting a school outreach program where teachers and nurses can be involved in the care plan to better help the children manage their symptoms. With a comprehensive approach to all aspects of their life, I truly believe patients can effectively handle their asthma diagnosis and have fulfilling lives.” Paediatric Pulmonologist of the Year 2017 - New Jersey