Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

26 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , IVDiagnostics work with hospitals and CLIA laboratories that in turn service hospitals and oncologists who are caring for cancer patients. The company’s focus is on metastatic cancer patients, those patients who are at stage two and beyond whereby cancer has spread from the original site to other parts of the body as determined by physicians who determine the stage of cancer. Frank details IVDiagnostic’s overall mission, explaining what the firm hopes to achieve and how it will reach these goals. “Through pre-clinical studies we came to define our focus as metastatic disease. IVDiagnostics provides clinicians with tools to help them better determine the effectiveness of therapy. As a result, we have developed an initial assay for breast cancer patients that HP170025 IVDiagnostics is a biotech company dedicated to developing precision diagnostic assays. We invited Frank Szczepanski to tell us about the company’s success and what services it provides. accurately measures the amount of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the patient’s blood sample. Within a small amount of blood, the patient may have as little as one cancer cell or thousands. It is important for the physician to know what the level of CTCs is in the patient’s body each time they come for treatment.” Working towards achieving this mission helps IVDiagnostics stand out amongst its competitors. Its technology expertise and subsequent results help the firm mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. Frank points us towards how the assays save lives, before commenting on what he believes is the firm’s most significant breakthrough which has contributed to its overwhelming success. “Here at IVDiagnostics, we have developed technology for both in-vitro and in-vivo applications. The Rapid version of our in-vitro assay can also capture live, single cancer cells in seconds. These cancer cells can then be diagnosed for genetic mutations providing pathologists and oncologists with additional information. Our assays save lives, improve patient care via earlier detection, and reduce overall cost of patient care throughout the healthcare system. “Concerning our firm’s most significant success to date, I would say it is moving our breast cancer assay forward via a pilot study thus the basis for a pivotal study which will compare our in- vitro test to our in-vivo test on the same patient.” Discussing recent projects which the company has been working on, Frank mentions its in-vivo device, and observes how this helps not only patients, but doctors as well, as they have been calling out for this technology. This highlights the innovative nature of the company, as it works hard to stay ahead of developments within the industry, something Frank provides a little more detail about. “Recently, we have developed an in-vivo device which can monitor CTCs in a patient’s bloodstream Best Provider of Oncology & Pathology Diagnostic Tools – USA & Medical Device CEO of the Year - USA without taking blood. Within 30-40 minutes, we can scan about 1,000 ml of a patient’s blood or approximately 20% of the blood in your body. The team believe this device is disruptive technology that our medical advisors have been asking for. “Within this ever evolving market, we stay on the forefront of emerging industry developments by leading and anticipating how healthcare is changing. We foresee healthcare moving to remote monitoring of cancer patients and more point-of-care treatment than is currently being done today.” In conclusion, Frank comments on what the future has in store for IVDiagnostics, predicting exciting times ahead if the right decisions and risks are taken. With Frank at the helm, IVDiagnostics can be certain of reaching its goals and targets it sets itself and ultimately, look to become the leader in the healthcare industry. “Looking ahead, there are exciting times ahead for our firm and for the patient monitoring market. The ongoing success of our work depends on finding the right strategic partners who are willing to share risks and rewards with the company and share our mission and vision. This is an invigorating challenge which we look forward to overcoming.”