Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards

6 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards , international laser center is an important component of this holistic treatment segment. Regarding the Department of Anaesthesiology the range of services offered is distinguished by, among other things, the differentiated ventilation technology including high- frequency jet ventilation, the implantation of venous port systems for oncological polychemotherapy, as well as the provision of acupuncture techniques for analgesia, postoperative vomiting and addictive weaning. Employeesin this department hold many years of experience in the treatment of severe acute and chronic diseases of the lungs. Differentiated invasive and non-invasive ventilation supports patients breathe independently. Patient’s medical care is completed carers and nurse, alongside services of physiotherapy, psychological service, social services, pastoral care, speech therapy and nutritional advice. Additionally an on-site diagnostic and treatment service is available to the patient on site. Boasting a sterling reputation and a wealth of qualifications it is also the numerous certifications that the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig has to offer which helps to make it stand out as one of the best hospitals in the trade. This includes the certificate as a center of excellence for thoracic surgery – only one of 14 thoracic centres in Germany, as well as the outstanding certification as a lung cancer center. Among its services is the hospital’s Disease Management Programs (DMPs) which are structured treatment programs for chronically ill people. The objective of the DMPs is to improve the treatment process and the quality of care for patients. The Fachkrankenhaus Coswig has been taking part in the DMPs Asthma and COPD since 2008. In this context, Fachkrankenhaus Coswig provides its expertise to clients, the practicing physicians and, as a result, the patient. By means of up-to-date information and enlightenment, the patients are integrated into the decision- making process for individual diagnosis and therapy planning. Communication is the key with regard to the healthcare of patients and the trusting contact with the relatives and the self- help groups is also part of the work. All treatment processes are patient-oriented since Fachkrankenhaus Coswig is a consultancy and service center for patients and relatives. In addition to an individual transfer management from the clinic to the domestic areas patients are offered services such as acupuncture, pain therapy, self- help groups for long-term oxygen therapy or smoking counseling/- cessation. Always looking to provide the best possible service, the patient is at the center of the hospital’s medical efforts. Patients are respected as an autonomous personality who is integrated into the investigation and treatment process as an independent agent. Medical actions and decisions are based on humanistic principles. They are based on many years of professional experiences as well as on modern, evidence-based guidelines oriented medicine, including psychological and physiological aspects. The atmosphere in the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig is collegial, case-related and interdisciplinary, which is reflected in the daily case discussions of pneumologists, thoracic surgeons and anaesthesiologists. This is highlighted by the results of the patient questionnaires, which shows that 93% of the patients would recommend the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig to their relatives and friends. In order to ensure excellent care for the patients in the long term, Fachkrankenhaus Coswig is an Academic Teaching Hospital of the University Clinic Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, which has been involved in the training of students for many years. It also offers positions for physicians for professional development, for a clinic trainee programme and for the practical year. The Fachkrankenhaus, with all its departments, also acts as an institution, offering objectiveness of clinical research to students interested in doctoral subjects. For this reason, the chief physicians of the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig have appropriate training authorization in their respective fields such as internal medicine, pneumology, surgery with an emphasis on thoracic surgery as well as anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine. Interestingly the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig is not only a source of care and training but also engaged in clinical research. It is a center of multicentric therapies of the phases II to IV and works on its own scientific questions. As a member of many companies, associations and unions, Fachkrankenhaus Coswig has the opportunity to play an active role in health care. In particular the idea of networking with other service providers as well as the mutual exchange is used for the placement and accompaniment of relevant topics – even beyond the borders of Saxony. The management of the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig is represented as a member of the Hospital Society of Saxony (KGS), the Association of Pneumological Clinics (VPK) and the Association of Hospital Directorates. Ultimately the Fachkrankenhaus Coswig focuses on the guiding principles in everyday clinical practice, concentrating on the implementation of values or intentions, such as quality, the will to help build trust, its strengths through networking and to promote partnership and visibility, and this will remain the firm’s hospital’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.