Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

10 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Rehasense Deutschland GmbH: Most Innovative Mobility Products Manufacturer 2019 An international thought-leader and key innovator in the mobility products market, Rehasense Deutschland GmbHmanufactures a wide range of selected, high quality mobility products for those withmobility challenges, helping them to overcome the issues they face. In celebration of the firm’s win in this year’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we share a unique insight into the secrets behind its success. Internationally renowned and boasting wide-reaching roots, Rehasense is able to provide award-winning mobility solutions to a myriad of clients. Led by CEO Roger Dutton, former managing director of Ottobock in Beijing, Asia, the group draws on his expertise to ensure it meets the needs of its varied clients and offers them cutting-edge mobility solutions that will suit modern requirements. A pioneer in the mobility market, Rehasense was one of the first companies in the world that launched a Carbon rollator named ATHLON in 2014. It was a new technology for a medical device product and with over 500 Euros one of the most expensive rollators within the rollator business. Weighing only 5kg and with up to eight years warranty, the ATHLON is one of the most desirable carbon rollators, and today ATHLON stands for the premium segment in the firm’s rollator portfolio. Following this success, competitors quickly followed suit, and as such Rehasense is now working to enhance the success of this unique products and others. The firm is still working on overcoming stigmas to avoid fear of medical products like the rollator and ensure that the user and their family feel better because of better support in the user’s life. The team at Rehasense believe that clients should not be ashamed to walk with a rollator, and as part of this focus, they realise that design and colours are playing an essential role. As such, they have created the ATHLON SL (Super Light), which is available in the colours Carbonblack, Racing Red, Yacht White, and Mat Grey. The SERVER the classic amongst rollators, is available in six colours depending on its size. Going even further to ensure users feel comfortable and supported, the firm also released ATHLON for the XL segment, naming it the name ATHLON HD (Heavy Duty). The ATHLON HD only weighs 5.8 kg (without shopping bag) with a high load capacity of 200 kg and a seat width of 55 cm. As such, it is designed specifically with larger users in mind, and allows more people to make the most out of this ingenious creation. Working with a range of clients, including medical supply stores, Rehasense has achieved global renown thanks to these innovative solutions. Germany is one of the firm’s strongest market’s in Europe, but the company is making headway around the world thanks to its revolutionary solutions and commitment to inclusion. Dedicated to creating this range of unique solutions is Rehasense’s interdisciplinary team, which consists of specialists in the engineering, design and luxury industries. Together they have over 20 years’ experience in the market, and as such they are all able to drive the industry forward and offer clients innovative solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. Ultimately, Rehasense aim is to bring back freedom, independence and recreation to users around the world, and over the years ahead the group will remain driven towards this ambitious goal. As demand continues to rise around the world, moving forward Rehasense will stay focused in the existing markets, strengthening its presence with sales and marketing support and new product developments, which will extend its existing product range and help the group cement its place as a true revolutionary in the growing global mobility space. Company: Rehasense Deutschland GmbH Contact: Rebecca Graber Email: [email protected] Address: Briener Str. 25, 47533 Kleve Telephone Number: +49 176 344 332 76 Web Address: