Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

16 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Neuro-Sys: Best International Drug Development & Discovery Development Company 2019 - France Withmore than 20 years of experience, Neuro-Sys develops specific preclinical models of neurological diseases to accurately determine the pharmacological profiling of lead compounds and explore their underlyingmechanismof action. In celebration of the firm’s win of not just one but two of this year’s highly coveted Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we profile the firmand share an overview of how far it has come since it first began. Founded in France in 2013, Neuro-Sys is a research-intensive innovative CRO company specialized in preclinical in vitro models of neurodegenerative diseases and drug development. To this very day Neuro-Sys offers advanced disease models and analytical services in the CNS and PNS field. In addition, thanks to its team of developers, Neuro-Sys helps and advises companies in their pharmaceutical development (regulatory and non-regulatory) through its CMC, tox and pharmaco experts.