Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

18 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Swiss Biostadt Limited: Swiss Biostadt Limited: Best Medical Equipment Supply & Installation Company - Nigeria Part of the renowned African Group, Swiss Biostadt Limited is an innovativeMedical Engineering outfit specialist. To celebrate the company’s win in this year’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we explore the secrets behind the success of the company and the group. Founded in 1964, Biostadt Group is a life sciences company formed out of the need to contribute to the fight against hunger, malnutrition and disease burdens in Nigeria in particular and the entire Africa Continent as the nation and continent continue to witness high mortality and morbidity coupled with negative impacts on human capital from above factors. The incidences of hunger and disease have equally been at the high end of development inhibitions. While undergoing several ‘morphological’ changes, over the years the group has also gone through a number of distinct operational and business re-engineering processes with each change bringing it out better and stronger. Its business forms since inception have included Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Pigments, Paints, Araldite and Textile Dyestuffs. The group carries its businesses through three strategic business unit areas: Agrocare, Healthcare and Pharmacare. Each area is specifically designed to meet the needs of the African nation and provide communities with the support they need to reduce poverty, hunger and illness. As a social enterprise, the group prides itself on meeting these vital needs and driving local communities forward. After all, the issues of environmental degradation and climate change are quite topical that they have be- come entrenched in national discourse. This is very well understandable, as Nigeria is an oil producing nation where pollution and oil spillages are prominent. To this end the Biostadt Group is continually striving to carry out its activities in an environmentally compatible manner. The group firmly believes that environmental friendliness issues are congruent with economic objectives. The company is dedicated to professional issues that directly and indirectly touch our business. Under the group’s umbrella are a number of brands including CG Biostadt Nigeria Limited, CG Biostadt Ghana Limited, CG Engineering Limited and award-winning Swiss Biostadt Ltd. Supporting clients throughout Africa, each of these companies works together to drive real change for communities across the continent. In Nigeria, which is the group’s major hub, it is headquartered in Lagos on a sprawling 2.83 acres of land built into state-of-the art offices and laboratories. It has Business offices in Abuja, the Federal Capital and in each of the geo-political zone of the Nigeria federation. The group’s trading and medical equipment specialist Swiss Biostadt operates from its headquarters in Lagos and provides a wide range of medical Engineering solutions across the country. The firm is customer focused and aims to offer every service user the exceptional standard medical equipment. Currently, the group carries out businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Seeking to extend its reach over the coming years, it has plans to expand to other West and Central Africa Countries. The business ethics are driven by its core corporate values of Team Spirit, Open Communication, Passion and Determination, Integrity and Ethics and Customer Focus. Ultimately, the Biostadt Group’s mission is to support the fight against diseases, hunger and malnutrition in Nigeria and Africa in general and to contribute to the sustainable development of the nation and continent. This ambitious aim will remain central to every aspect of the group’s work moving forward, and Swiss Biostadt will be working tirelessly to help the group to achieve its mission. Location Address- 387, Agege Motor Road, by Ilupeju RailwayCrossing, Cappa B/Stop, Lagos Nigeria, P.O.Box 4310 Land line-08094655555 Mobile: 08033341399, 07033438056 Enquiries: [email protected] Website: “The business ethics are driven by its core corporate values of Team Spirit, Open Communication, Passion and Determination, Integrity and Ethics and Customer Focus.”