Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

22 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Innovapharma: Most Innovative Rejuvenation & Aesthetics Products Producer - South America Withmore than a decade of existence, Innovapharma, today, is leading the market for high quality facial and body aesthetics treatments. In celebration of the company’s success in the 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we profile it and share an insight into how far it has come since it first began to achieve the market leading position it enjoys today. Originally founded in 2008 in England, in 2012 Innovapharma was acquired by an investment company that has interests in 21 other companies in various business segments. Since the merger Innovapharma has enjoyed constant investment in new technologies, which has allowed the firm to offer the best products to its clients around the world. Today, the company offers award-winning aesthetic solutions that comply with the regulations of more than 23 countries around the world. It is now the largest importer of Hyaluronic Acid in Latin America, and a renowned name in the constantly growing facial aesthetic solutions marketplace. The company’s flagship brand, Rennova® is among the leading brands in hyaluronic acid- based facial fillers and is sold in to clients internationally. The brand’s unique range of products come from leading technology and innovation centres such as Austria and Israel. Offered to doctors and healthcare professionals around the world, Rennova® products range from facial fillers and biostimulators through to cannulas and cutting-edge RFQ wires PDO and PLLA threads. All of these solutions are produced to the highest possible standard and designed with patient safety and satisfaction in mind. Created to stimulate, volumize and firm aging skin and rejuvenate facial features, these solutions are increasingly popular in today’s market, where consumers are constantly searching for non-invasive solutions that will help to them look and feel great. Many of the brand’s products offer unique functions that help to stimulate natural benefits as well as offering rejuvenating properties The aging process, as well as the measures against it, has been increasingly studied, due to the constant and current concern about a better and healthier aspect. Facial aging affects not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous tissue and bones. The fat distribution is altered, promoting a facial volume loss. With the natural process of aging, the endogenous hyaluronic acid is reduced, making the skin less hydrated and, consequently, less elastic. All these factors, as well as the photodamage, lead to wrinkles and folds on the face. For example, one of the brand’s unique products, Rennova Diamond®, is a Calcium Hydroxyapatite-based biostimulator ideal for volumizing, sustaining and firming the skin. What sets this innovative product apart is that it stimulates the natural production of collagen, presenting an immediate and much longer lasting result. It has two versions, with and without lidocaine, as do many of the brand’s offerings, ensuring the ultimate choice for clients and patients. Working to ensure that clients understand the quality of its products, the brand offers a range of innovative motives of communication besides traditional channels, including WhatsApp and a popular Instagram account where users can see photos of Rennova® products in action. Looking to the future, one of the key drivers of growth for this dynamic brand is increased access to minimally invasive aesthetic procedures and the growth of the aesthetic market worldwide. With distribution centres in Europe and Latin America, Innovapharma is ready to meet the ever-growing demand it is seeing and become one of the world’s leading brands. Ultimately, driving the rejuvenation and aesthetic market to even greater success and becoming the leading supplier of these products will remain Innovapharma ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future filled with exciting opportunities to grow and enhance its solution offering and customer base. Company: Innovapharma Contact: Marcelo Morais Website: