Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

24 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Hyalual: Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions Manufacturer 2019 & Most Outstanding in Skin Rejuvenation 2019 Multi-award-winning Institute Hyalual is an innovative foundation specialized on R&D, manufacturing and service providing in field of anti-age therapy, skin rejuvenation, correction and restoration. We profile the organisation to learnmore about the unique solutions it offers and how it is driving the anti-aging and skin rejuvenation spaces to even greater success through its provision of quality products. In 2008, Yuria-Pharm, a specialized pharmaceutical corporation, created a new company that merged decades of science with their passion for helping people attain youth and beauty by preserving skin health. Drawing on years of pharmaceutical research, Hyalual was born. The brand has succeeded in its mission for more than ten years, becoming internationally recognized as a trusted leader in aesthetic medicine. The GHP recently nominated Hyalual for two awards: Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions and Manufacturer 2019 and Most Outstanding in Skin Rejuvenation 2019. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Hyalual is now trusted by more than 35,000 dermatologists and cosmetologists worldwide who successfully use Hyalual solutions for their clients’ skin quality improvement Today, Hyalual is a global developer of innovative solutions in the field of aesthetic medicine. The corporate headquarters are located in Switzerland. The company oversees representative offices in ten countries and has official partners in more than 20 countries. Hyalual’s manufacturing facilities are located in Italy and Ukraine, with additional partner factories in Switzerland, Spain and the USA. The company also owns a network of certified research and practical centers in Ukraine, Russia and the United Kingdom. More than 300.000 medical devices and 90.000 cosmetic products are produced annually. The core values of Hyalual are Science and Results. The firm’s team combine their passion for science and love of beauty to achieve outstanding and natural- looking results. At Hyalual, Science stands, first and foremost, for the quality, safety and effectiveness of their products, which conform to international quality standards (GMP, ISO). It also stands for continuous in-depth research that allows for ongoing improvement, development of new formulations and implementation of innovative solutions. Another aspect of Science at Hyalual is working to educate doctors and cosmetologists worldwide. This comprehensive scientific approach never fails to bear fruit. Meanwhile, everyone knows that Results are the most important aspect in aesthetic medicine. Hyalual products demonstrate proven skin quality improvement, a harmonized appearance and, naturally, satisfied clients. To date, the brand counts more than 500,000 happy customers worldwide. The best skincare solutions demonstrate high quality, proven effectiveness and absolute safety. Returning to development for a moment, it is important to note that Hyalual’s main manufacturing facilities are located in Italy. The Diaco Biofarmaceutici factory acts as Hyalual’s primary manufacturing platform, as well as its main official distributor and logistics partner. All Diaco factory processes are automated, allowing for precise conformance to quality norms for each product they make. These tightly-regulated manufacturing practices further underscore the trustworthiness of the Hyalual brand. The company also owns manufacturing facilities in Ukraine with partner factories in Switzerland, Spain and the USA, which provide both the necessary manufacturing output and also the flexibility to develop new products and formulations. It is worth mentioning that Hyalual’s involvement does not stop at the moment of sale. Understanding the importance of investing in their own, Hyalual specialists provide continuous support and education to doctors, share research and expertise and offer the world cutting-edge solutions that address various aesthetic issues.