Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 25 , Hyalual Further cementing Hyalual’s worthiness to compete for the GHP awards (Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions and Manufacturer 2019 and Most Outstanding in Skin Rejuvenation 2019) is their work in Redermalization. This patented procedure improves skin quality by increasing its regenerative potential. Redermalization is unlike other skin rejuvenation procedures because it works in three ways simultaneously 1) It helps regulate intracellular biochemical processes; 2) It optimizes skin’s water balance; and 3) It aids in blocking free radicals. Thanks to Double Synergic Effect Technology, it achieves maximum synergy between the two main components in Hyalual’s line of Redermalization products: hyaluronic acid and amber acid (in the form of sodium succinate). This formula has been a true breakthrough for skin rejuvenation with remarkable skin quality improvement. This is the most powerful surgery-free rejuvenation method available today. Redermalization restores and supports the skin’s water balance, stimulates the synthesis of key structural proteins and provides mechanical tissue support. The procedure also contributes to the normalization of microcirculation and tissue energy exchange, as well as activation of lymph efflux. Together, this unique combination of effects produces outstanding results. The results include an even skin micro-relief, decreased pigmentation and a reduction in both the number and depth of skin folds due to dermal consolidation. It erases visible signs of fatigue and lightens dark circles under the eyes by 1-2 shades. Skin radiance also improves since Redermalization supports skin health in general. To learn more about Redermalization and other Hyalual innovations, please visit the company’s official website at . Company: Hyalual Contact: Oksana Borysenko Website: