Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

26 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Seacross Pharmaceuticals: Best Injectable Oncology Therapeutics Manufacturer 2019 AUK-based company specialising in injectable oncology products, Seacross Pharmaceuticals are focused on the development andmanufacturing of high-quality and effective drugs for worldwide healthcare markets. Seacross is responsible for international sales and registration, establishing business partnerships inmore than eighty countries with ongoing product registrations. Discover why they are 2019’s best injectable oncology therapeutics manufacturer as part of our awards season. Focused on providing the worldwide healthcare market with high-quality and effective drugs, Seacross are determined to help extend the patients’ life span and improve the quality of the patient’s life. Achieving this through continuous development of high-quality innovative drugs, the firm’s products are rigorously tested and approved by the European Union, US Food and Drug Agency, and China’s GMP. Seacross was established by a group of Chinese and European veterans to bring high-quality, regulatory-compliant and cost- effective products to meet the demands of the global healthcare industry. An efficient executive team across all functions including manufacture, logistics, engineering, R&D, regulatory, finance and marketing operations work collaboratively to help deliver on the promise of better global healthcare. Having received MHRA GMP approval and Chinese GMP approval in 2014, Seacross UK also passed the re-audit of MHRA GMP in 2017. The company’s own brand products have been launched in multiple European Union countries, like the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, supplying more than one thousand hospitals across Europe. With the aim of being a global company that is dedicated to injectable drugs, Seacross’ London subsidiary is responsible for establishing key international links, making sales and forming business partnerships. With ongoing product registration happening in eighty countries worldwide, this company is ensuring that patients who require oncology treatment across the globe are getting the very best available. At the heart of Seacross’ mission is their determination to care and respect of life, striving for the best quality products. This care is extended to all aspects of the products life cycle, from development and manufacturing, to storage and delivery, and finally usage. With a firmly-established and rigorous quality management system in place, the firm ensure that their practices exceed the requirements of EU, FDA and Chinese pharmaceutical standards. The research and development teams of biologics and chemistry both boast an extensive wealth of bio-pharmaceutical experience in working with antibodies. The in-house product development team ensure that each injectable formula uses the latest and best knowledge from across the healthcare industry, complying with international standards. Recently launching strong relationships and co-development projects alongside the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute and Cambridge University, Seacross is at the forefront of researching innovative oncology treatments. Also expanding their oncology injectable production lines, the firm are working to build new non-oncology injectable workshops aimed at delivering pre-filled syringes and sterile powdering dispensing. As an MHRA-approved and EU releaser, Seacross’ own brand drug supplies over a thousand EU hospitals, sometimes occupying approximately 70% of EU market shares. Not content to rest on their laurels however, the firm understand the need to continuously develop and research high- quality innovative drugs. With over a hundred research and development engineers, the company aim to keep the spirit of innovation high, always improving products’ quality and effectiveness. Company: Seacross Pharmaceuticals Contact: Arshad Ahmedi Website: