Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 29 , STILLE AB radiolucency. More hospitals started realizing of the potential of having low-dose friendly (yet powerful systems) with low-dose enabler tables like the STILLE imagiQ2. The surgical imaging table (or fluoroscopy table) was seen as an important part of the solution to achieve shorter and more efficient interventional procedures. Since the launch, many companies have tried copying or surpassing this unique solution, but despite this STILLE remains to this very day as the state-of-the-art surgical imaging table for the mobile vascular and interventional OR. Such a solution helps STILLE to remain focused on increasing efficiency in the OR while providing safety not only to the patient, but for the entire surgical team. The firm achieves this by keeping close collaboration with experienced surgeons worldwide, that are part of its advisory board called the STILLE Ambassadors program. The STILLE ambassadors are part of the firm’s advisory board. With their clinical expertise, they bring to life projects that they feel passionate about that contribute to surgical perfection and safety and have helped STILLE creating a product road map for the future. This collaborative approach allows healthcare professionals around the world the chance to offer their expert opinions on the solutions they use and how these can be better tailored to meet their needs. Collaborating with clinicians within specific medical procedures to develop and market solutions that contribute to increased patient safety and surgical perfection has helped STILLE to achieve the market leading position it enjoys today. When it comes to surgical imaging tables, STILLE has gained the reputation of being a “low-dose company” thanks to the dose optimisation properties of the imagiQ2 surgical imaging table and its capabilities to help shortening procedure times, which also minimizes radiation exposure. This reputation has helped the firm to set itself apart from its competitors and mark itself out as the best possible option for a variety of clients throughout the healthcare market and around the world. Overall, the future looks bright and exciting for STILLE. The company has a strong brand with respected reputation and appreciation from thousands of surgeons and physicians around the world. STILLE is preferred partner to the major imaging companies in the industry and the golden standard when high quality, reliability and efficiency is needed, and its focus over the coming years remains on enhancing this and growing as a company to better support even more healthcare providers and their patients. Company: STILLE AB Name: Hanna Ernestam Wilkman - CEO Address: Ekbacken 11, 644 30 Torshälla, Sweden Telephone: +46 8588 58000 Web Address: