Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

30 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ltd.: Best Independent Health Economic Modelling Experts 2019 With a large, multidisciplinary team, Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ltd. (HEOR) is a full service, independent, health economics consultancy capable of delivering the complete range of strategically focused services and advice. As we celebrate some of this year’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards winners, we felt it was important to showcase the vital work this innovative organisation undertakes. Established in 2011, HEOR is an independent consultancy specialising in health economic modelling, outcomes research and statistical analysis. Led by Phil McEwan and Jason Gordon and supported by an experienced team of senior managers and principals, HEOR focuses on research to support healthcare decision makers understand the future costs and health outcomes associated with a specific disease as well as the implications of alternative approaches to disease management. This typically requires evaluating the cost-effectiveness of new health technologies to understand whether they represent good value for money. To achieve this, HEOR works hard preparing dossiers for submission to health technology assessment agencies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). This requires co-ordination across a number of research teams who are involved in either systematically summarising research evidence, analysing clinical trial data or combining this information into mathematical models. Although HEOR’s focus is very much health economics, the firm’s approach to research is built upon mathematics, statistics and operational research (OR). OR is a scientific approach to solving problems designed to enable decision makers to make better decisions. OR utilises advanced analytics, modelling, simulation, optimisation and data science to determine the best solution to the problem and the best practical course of action - this is at the core of what the firm does. Currently the firm boasts a team of 60 researchers based in the UK and Germany who specialise in the development of mathematical disease models, the statistical analysis of clinical trial and real-world data and who perform systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis. These talented experts support international pharmaceutical companies, and HEOR has worked on projects covering all major disease areas. As a result, the firm has the expertise to support any client and meet their specific needs. This experience and the unique perspectives of its staff is what sets HEOR apart from its competitors in navigating the complex interactions between healthcare payers, the pharmaceutical sector, patients and clinicians. Evidence of the firm’s unique contributions can be seen in its extensive research track record; membership of esteemed societies, invitations to be expert speakers, senior academic positions at leading UK universities, and the willingness for key opinion leaders to partner with them on studies and publications. Among the firm’s recent developments is its work to change the shape of the disease research space. At the moment, economic evaluations of new health technologies typically focus on establishing whether the new product represents good value for money when used at a particular stage of disease. For many diseases, particularly chronic conditions, it may make more sense to evaluate strategies that maximise health outcomes and minimise total costs of the whole disease (from Jason Gordon Phil McEwan