Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

32 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Medovate Limited: Most Innovative Medical Device Development Company 2019 - Eastern England Based in Cambridge, Medovate Limited is a new, dynamic medical device company that is dedicated to developing and commercialising innovative medical technologies created within the NHS. Bringing together the essential finance, technical andmanagement resources required, the team successfullymanage medical technology innovations from conception, through tomarket launch, and on to global implementation. Discover the firm’s success as they winmost innovative medical device development company across Eastern England in 2019. With all the skills and knowledge required for all the key stages of medical device development, the team at Medovate are experts in their industry. The company boasts a core team of nine people providing a wealth of experience in the technical and management areas required for medical technology development and commercialisation. From prototyping, pre- clinical and clinical testing, regulatory affairs, and final product launch, this firm are well- equipped to support the NHS and technology development throughout the world. Medovate works with and supports inventors from within the NHS and their respective NHS Trusts, through one of their partners, Health Enterprise East, a leading NHS Innovation Hub. Inventors are helped to turn their ideas for innovative medical devices into manufactured devices, and the firm then also brings them to market. The company also works with a number of other partners, including the Academic Health Science Network and commercial companies with required experience to help support development, testing, commercialisation and uptake of new devices. The company aim to provide key funding and expert advice at a crucial point in development. Medovate will ensure that medical tech innovations with high potential, identified within the NHS, are supported through the development, manufacture, clinical trial and regulatory approval phases. That way, those innovations become products that are ready for markets around the world as quickly as possible. Devices currently in the development pipeline have a focus relating to anaesthesia, airway management, critical care and surgery. These areas collectively present a number of unmet needs and challenges with significant implications for patient safety. With Medovate’s help, successful new innovations can have a real and valuable impact on the safety and positive outcomes of healthcare delivery for both clinicians and their patients. Through their NHS innovation hub partner, a number of viable innovations in these aforementioned areas were identified. Coupled with the Medovate teams collective experience working to develop devices in these clinical speciality areas, the technologies were the obvious choice to initially focus resources on and mature. In 2019, Medovate will showcase two new technologies for the critical care and anaesthesia markets, Humidicare and SAFIRA, at leading international trade fairs and events. Humidicare is an innovative safety heat and moisture exchanger (HME) which can help prevent critical airway obstruction. SAFIRA stands for Safer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia, and is designed to provide end-to-end safety solutions when administering regional anaesthetic. Medovate is unique in its focus on developing medical tech solutions that have arisen from within the NHS, and in doing so creates a virtuous circle. Successful NHS innovation supports further innovation, which then benefits the healthcare system as a whole. The company also ensure that a portion of all commercial benefits from successful tech commercialisation make their way back to supporting the NHS. One of the most significant breakthroughs for the team at Medovate is the speed at which they have been able to get new medical technologies ready for market launch. Having only been in operation for a couple of years, this company have quickly established themselves as a trusted