Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 33 , Medovate Limited and innovative partner in developing and delivering potentially life-saving new pieces of technology throughout the NHS. Facilitating this capability was the successful achievement of quality management certification following completion of rigorous independent audits in accordance with specific requirements. Being awarded the ISO 13485:2016 certification confirms that Medovate operates an internationally recognised quality management system for the control of design, development, manufacture, installation and servicing medical devices within speciality areas. The certification has proven to be an important milestone for Medovate, establishing the company as a credible player in the medical tech innovation world. It assures clinical innovators, healthcare deliverers, and patients that the company’s portfolio is being designed, developed and manufactured in compliance with the highest quality and regulatory standards. Each department lead at Medovate is provided time for continuous professional development so that the company can achieve the most up-to-date knowledge in all areas of work. Additionally, every technology taken into the development pipeline has had a thorough commercial, market, IP, and technical review to help ensure the firm are leading developers in the medical arena. By participating at international industry leading medical tech events this year, Medovate will quickly become a key player in the market. Showcasing their capability to develop quality and innovative devices, the company’s momentum will continue to grow as they raise their tech profile. Throughout 2020, the firm are looking to launch products in both the US and EU for the first time, whilst also always being on the lookout for more technologies to develop in their core medical speciality areas. What is increasingly common in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is the use of smart technology, a key area in which Medovate believe they can make a positive impact. With patient safety also always being at the forefront of the industry, all of the NHS invented products the firm are developing can help to improve patient safety. Newly generated medical tech such as the aforementioned SAFIRA incorporate smart technology, gathering regional anaesthesia data to ensure procedures are carried out safely, at correct pressures. Only in their second year of operation, the great success of Medovate is a fitting testament to the wealth of experience that is driving the company forward. By supporting the NHS Trusts and their clinicians, the company help realise the potential of innovation to create benefits for the NHS and healthcare systems across the world. Company: Medovate Limited Contact: Stuart Thomson, Managing Director Website: