Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

36 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , EQUITAS Life Sciences: Most Innovative Life Sciences Consultancy 2019 - North America Expertly combining classic strategy consulting with data science and software engineering, EQUITAS Life Sciences creates custom solutions for healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Following their win as North America’s most innovative life sciences consultancy for 2019, we put the firmunder amicroscope to examine the reasons behind their success. Drawing on decades of experience within life sciences, EQUITAS provides tailored solutions to support client partner needs on topics such as launch excellence, global market access, pricing, and reimbursement, commercial learning and development and medical education. Believing that working together is the only way to enact meaningful change, the company cultivates partnerships with patients, providers, payers and manufacturers on a global scale. Given the constantly evolving dynamics in the healthcare industry, EQUITAS prides itself on its collaboration, responsiveness, and flexibility demonstrated everyday with their client partners. Founded on the values of kindness, empowerment and fearlessness, everyone at EQUITAS endeavours to engage with curiosity, empathy and genuineness. In living out these core values through every interaction, the company has created an environment where it acts and operates as an extension of its partners. Through seamless communication and shared goals for success, trust is built thanks to careful listening, thoughtful responsiveness and agile engagement. Comprised of a remarkable group of highly talented individuals with similar beliefs and values, yet diverse and unique experiences, EQUITASers are open-minded, solution- oriented, dedicated to improving healthcare, and passionate about building sustainable relationships across the healthcare continuum. Applying its SUPER™ model approach to all they do, EQUITAS marries classic strategy consulting with software development and data science. The first step is using the SUPER model to identify opportunities to drive greater Self-awareness, Understanding, Preparation, Engagement and Reflection (SUPER), to enhance existing approaches – whether it’s engaging more meaningfully with customers or delivering a more impactful value story. The second step involves incorporating classic software development to bring each component of the SUPER model to life through enabling, cloud-based platforms. The model is comprised of five components; AIQ, LEEP™, SPACE™, VCP™, and CLC™. Artificial Intelligence Questioning, or AIQ, drives self-awareness and connects customer-facing teams across the globe to home office-based teams. LEEP, or Learning Engagement & Empowerment Platform, aims to bring understanding to life sciences by applying evidence-based, adult learning principles, gamification and micro-training to create customised learning experiences. Strategic Planning And Collaborative Ecosystem, SPACE, helps put the strategy back into key business processes by enabling true cross-functional, transparent, and measurable call-, account-, brand, or operations-planning. VCP, Value Communication Platform, integrates field team tools and training to automatically customize value stories and visual aids by customer segment while also reinforcing best practices on positioning and delivery to get the most out of every client interaction.