Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 37 , EQUITAS Life Sciences Closed-Loop Coaching, or CLC, drives efficiency and effectiveness by harnessing artificial intelligence to simplify coaching to core elements. Through twelve procedurally- generated and qualitative questions, both the coach and coachee work together to create a reciprocal and continuous improvement plan. Through these five innovative components of the SUPER model, EQUITAS has created a truly unique approach of holistically addressing a variety of healthcare challenges faced by its client partners. The final step in designing healthcare market solutions includes overlaying data science and machine learning technologies to extract insights and enhance performance by leveraging the combined power of the technology components of the SUPER model. The complete ecosystem is called ETHOS™ - and is at the heart of EQUITAS. Each of the five solutions work collaboratively to deliver a marvellously innovative platform that creates a continuous cycle of performance improvement to support professional development and career pathing in a strength-based manner. Through this same lens, the team at EQUITAS is constantly looking for new ways to achieve their mission of improving patient outcomes. As extended members of their client partner teams, they witness first-hand the challenges and opportunities faced each and every day. The EQUITAS team is constantly engaging with classical and emerging healthcare stakeholders through primary research and continuously building out their library of insights. With a worldwide network of experts, EQUITAS seeks to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry across local, regional and national healthcare markets. These trusted partnerships with patients, providers, payers and manufacturers on a global scale are constant reminders of how healthcare touches all of our lives and of the common goals we share to elevate patient outcomes and advocate for the importance of wellness. Only by working together will the healthcare community effect change. Company: EQUITAS Life Sciences Contact: [email protected] Website: