Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

38 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Most Innovative Cervical Plate System: Combat Anterior Cervical Plate System ISPINE is an innovative product development specialist dedicated to creating healthcare solutions tomeet the ever-evolving needs of providers around the world and across the market. In celebration of the firm’s win in the 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we profile it to find out more. Thanks to several years of input, design and development from leaders in the medical and engineering industries ISPINE has now created industry leading products offering surgeons the best possible package for their patients. These unique products greatly assist surgeons from all over the world in their quest to improve the quality of life of their patients while keeping in mind the rising costs of medical technology. From the beginning, ISPINE has been focused on developing products that deliver cost effective, faster and more efficient patient care. With industry leaders in the medical and engineering fields advancing the ISPINE range the firm has come to pride itself on delivering excellent value to clients. Over the years, the firm has become an industry leader committed to providing only the highest possible quality solutions to healthcare providers from across the market and around the world. Based in South Africa, the firm can provide fully-compliant solutions that are designed to be of the highest possible quality and as innovative as possible. Among the firm’s portfolio of products is its award-winning Combat Anterior Cervical Plate System, which gives surgeons the flexibility to easily customize them to each patient’s unique anatomy. Flexibility is built-in to every aspect of the systems; from plate design and the innovative Single-Twist anti-migration system to the screw options and the instrumentation set. The result is a cervical plate system that is effective and easy to use. This creative solution boasts multiple constructs for optimum flexibility and performance. The color-coded fixed and variable angle screws can be used alone or in combination to meet anatomical variations and achieve the surgeon’s desired goal. Ultimately, ISPINE is on a mission to provide industry leading products and service whilst at the same time not losing sight of rising costs to ensure that health- care providers receive quality solutions and value for money. Contact Details: Company: ISPINE Contact: Wayne Roach Website: Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Wayne Roach - ISPINE