Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

44 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards HealthItalyNet: Best Health Services Consultants 2019 - Italy Working to provide an integrated healthcare solution, HealthItalyNet provides patients with access to the facilities and professionals needed to help them to solve anymedical issues theymay be facing. We profile this unique firm to find out more about the innovative concept it is pioneering. Created in 2015, HealthItalyNet began with the aim to create an environment in which the convergence between medical specialists, health facilities and professionals, companies in the sector and institutional referents create information and health education in an appropriate language in favour of users and partners. Four years later and the firm’s ongoing focus remains on building a network capable of creating and informing on new methods and procedures and providing high-level specialized health services, offering an exceptional value to users who may need them. By creating the best team, facilities, medical specialists, procedure and technology, the firm will be able to provide the patient with the support to face and solve any specific issue. Over the years HealthItalyNet has cultivated strong relationships with medical professionals and facilities across the country, allowing it to connect its patients with them quickly and efficiently and providing them with the support they need at all times. Looking to the future, HealthItalyNet hopes that its success in the 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical will help to propel it towards even greater achievements over the years to come. It hopes it will help HealthItalyNet to give potential partners greater confidence and showcase the benefits of this new and innovative way of communicating their excellence for them and for all the patients who will now benefit from this unique solution. Contact details: Company: HealthItalyNet Name: Gian Marco Masino Address: Via delle Cappuccine 3/1 Phone: +390108939950 Website: , HealthItalyNet: