Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 49 , WALKEMORE, S.A.: Best Hospital Footwear Specialist 2019: WALKEMORE, S.A. Through its unique specialist footwear brandWOCK ® , WALKEMORE S.A. is able to provide clients around the world with comfortable shoes designed to withstand even in the toughest conditions. In celebration of the firm’s success in the 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we explore the unique range of products it provides to healthcare workers internationally. “...The acceptance of the EVERLITE PLUS and FEEL ranges has already exceeded the brand’s expectations, and it looks forward to growing these ranges even further.” Part of the Procalçado Group, WALKEMORE draws on its parent group’s experience in the shoe manufacturing market, which spans over 46 years, to ensure it provides innovative footwear solutions for its clients. Since it was initially created, WOCK ® has strategically defined its target as the professional market and, thereafter, certain target niches were determined, particularly in these segments: Hospitals and other Health- care institutions, Pharmaceutical industry, Cleanrooms, Orthopaedic stores, HORECA channel, Cosmetics, Beauty and SPAs. Working with clients across these areas, the brand provides clogs and shoes that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of these clients and are created for those who stand on their feet all day, offering durability and comfort. Company’s team try to bring innovation and technical characteristics allied with a beautiful design, allowing them to get a good performance with their professional shoes, always with quality background. Thanks to this focus, WOCK ® provides innovative shoes that allow their users to express their individuality at work always focused on their specific requirements. Users enjoy technical features combined with safety, comfort and most of all the possibility to wear something at work that fits their personality. After all, workwear can be bland and purely functional, particularly shoes designed to be heavy-duty. WOCK ® aims to offer a unique solution that is both comfortable, safe, long- wearing, durable and at the same time stylish and modern. By communicating with clients and using their feedback to enhance its ranges, the brand is able to ensure it continues to meet its user’s needs in the modern world of work. Recently, the brand launched some new models that will add more diversity and an extra comfort to its already extensive range. With these three new models, WOCK ® ’s product range will reach a larger fringe of professionals that seek unique footwear. The acceptance of the EVERLITE PLUS and FEEL ranges has already exceeded the brand’s expectations, and it looks forward to growing these ranges even further. Name: Francisco Teixeira Address: Largo Alminhas das Barrancas, 97, 4415-343 Pedroso Telephone Number: 227470611 Web Address: Fundamentally, WOCK ® ’s main goal is to provide their customers a great experience by buying its clogs or shoes. This will be the core driver for the company as it works to expand into new markets and offer its multi- award-winning footwear products to even more clients around the world and throughout the professional market. EVERLITE PLUS - © WOCK ® FEEL - © WOCK ®