Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 53 , Aris Pharmaceuticals Inc Aris Pharmaceuticals Inc: Best R&D Services Laboratory - Pennsylvania Headquartered in a 5,000 GSF chemistry R&D and kilo-capacity scale-up (up to 100 liter) lab in Levittown, PA, with oversea R&D and pilot plant (up to 5000 liter) subsidiaries, Aris Pharmaceuticals Inc has the right people and facilities to support a wide range of clients with all their research and development needs inmedicinal and synthetic chemistry, from structural design of hit compounds, focused library synthesis to process development and scaling up. We profile the firm to learnmore about how its work came to be recognised in this year’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. Founded in 2011, Aris Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic chemistry service organization that serves and supports the R&D needs of over 100 pharmaceutical, biotechnology firms and institutes worldwide. Working with a wide range of clients, Aris Pharmaceuticals’ products and services parallel the new product discovery process and provide significant advantages with proven track record in quality-cost-value, at each step from computer aided core-structure design, hit-to-lead discovery and optimization, to scale-up preparation of intermediates and chemical process validation. As part of this service offering, the firm perform laboratory scale synthesis for pharmaceutical companies, drug discovery and “virtual” companies, biotechnology companies, and academic institutions. Specifically, Aris Pharmaceuticals has majorly devoted in novel anti-viral AND immuno-oncology drug research programs, including the first in class small molecular HIV long term inhibitors, small molecule NK system activators and A2A adenosine receptor antagonists. All these researches are conducted by the firm’s expert team of 140 professionals, who have solid experience, a high degree of dependability, and a fully equipped laboratory. As such, they are able to ensure that all of their clients’ projects are delivered on time, cost-effectively and with a high degree of quality. Looking to the future, Aris Pharmaceuticals will continue to strive towards innovation in the R&D market to drive real growth and expansion throughout the healthcare and pharmaceuticals space. Company: Aris Pharmaceuticals Inc Contact: Jason Yue, PhD, Site Manager Website: Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]