Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 55 , The clinic also offers a transparent pricing structure and a membership card to ensure that patients understand the price of their treatments and are not shocked by unsuspected fees. As such, they know that they are in safe hands when they seek dental treatment from Premier Dentalcenter. Fundamentally, Premier Dentalcenter believes that dental hygiene is linked to a patient’s overall health, psychological attitude and self- esteem. As such, it aims to treat not only the physical teeth themselves, but also its client’s attitude to their care to drive them to better care for their teeth in the future. This will remain central to this innovative dental clinic’s approach as it looks towards a bright future. Company: Premier Dentalcenter, Clínica Dentária Contact: Dental Business Manager Carlos Vitória Website: Premier Dentalcenter, Clínica Dentária: Dental Clinic of the Year 2019 & Award for Excellence for Paediatric Dentistry Services 2019 in Porto Metropolitan Area, Portugal The Premier Dentalcenter, Dental Clinic offers an innovative approach to dental care. In celebration of its win of not one but two of our prestigious Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards for 2019 we profile the firmand share an overview of how it is working to drive excellence in the dental care market. Originally opened in 2012, Premier Dentalcenter is led by renowned Clinical Director DRA. Adriana Vitória, who draws on a wealth of expertise in the industry to provide patients with the highest possible standards of care. Providing everything from general dental care and orthodontics through to implantology and dental aesthetic treatments, Premier Dentalcenter is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients of all ages. For these patients the clinic offers award- winning dental care and expert support provided by a team of talented experts who are on-hand at all times to ensure their patients feel comfortable and informed about the treatment they receive. Patients can schedule their appointment online, in person or over the phone, making the entire process easy and efficient. Clinical Director Dr. Adriana Vitória