Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 57 , Clareblend Inc. Clareblend Inc.: Best Beauty Therapy Technology Marketplace 2019 - Nevada Since its inception Clareblend has been known for providing professionals with the most advanced user-friendly technology that provides faster response, extreme accuracy and precise timing. We profile the firm to find out more. When one purchases a Clareblend (Jeunesse) they get the best therapy technology machines the industry has to offer. Not only are the machines top shelf, but post- sell purchase and support are both customized specifically for the client’s business operations and their specific clients’ needs. As a result, the client will receive training where our distributor flies out to their desired location and gives a hands-on training on the machine. The customer will receive all the videos, pamphlets, and full access to Clareblend’s Master Technician of over 25 years at Clareblend, Inc, Their Technical Team and Assembly Department has been building these machines, watching the evolution of the industry, technology, the competition. Clareblend’s technological advancements were implemented into these machines over years while continuously working hand and hand with their research and development team and the F.D.A. Even though times have changed considerably since Clare E. Rosner opened her practice in 1927 in Minneapolis, when she charged $2.00 an hour, it took years of hard struggle and dedication to educate the public about the profession. She had a never-ending desire for “Total Patient Comfort” and ease of operation for the Professional Electrologist in equipment. Approaching 100 years later, Clareblend, Inc. is an F.D.A. registered manufacturer in which all Clareblend equipment is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. at their Reno, Nevada facility. At the forefront of these constant changes, Clareblend stands on a firm foundation allowing them to be nimble in the marketplace, while staying true to their roots and never losing sight of Clare E. Rosner’s legacy and vision. Clareblend not only has a very diverse and robust product line themselves, they are also a private label manufacturer for other industry leaders. That aspect alone speaks volumes about their reputation, product line, knowledge, operations, dedication, and overall understanding of the marketplace and customers’ needs and wants. Today, Richard and Nadia Klukovich are owners and operators of Clareblend, Inc. They’ve been married for 32 years and have amazing kids and grandkids. Both are the brains of the company, while Nadia handles the Business side of Clareblend, Richard handles the engineering, design and development. Back in the early days of the company, Ms. Clare’s husband was an engineer and developed the first solid state electrolysis system. Clare’s daughter, Margaret Smith, carried on the business upon retiring from UCLA engineering department after 22 years of service. To sustain leadership in technology, Margaret Smith reached out to Richard Klukovich, an electronic engineer to develop the first and only multi needle blend electrolysis system, the Nova 2000. Margaret had many reasons to reach out to Richard Klukovich. Richards engineering background is highly technical, diversified and includes development in the aircraft and military industry. Utilizing this same level of quality engineering and discipline that was used when developing fire control systems for submarines and missiles, this ensures Clareblend’s equipment has the utmost in safety features and quality in its design. Richard was born in Paris, France, attended the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany then finished up his BSEE from Cal- Poly in 1972. Majority of his careers were spent in the Military and Aircraft industries in which his projects focused on missile and torpedo firing control systems and submarine countermeasures. Richard was the obvious candidate to carry on Clareblend’s legacy when Marge Smith wanted to retire in 2004. Drawing on this expertise, Richard uses the depth and scope of all of this knowledge and focuses it into Clareblend product line, software, and private label manufacturing. Imagine this type of knowledge, safety measures, and technology going into a machine! The key attributes that truly make these machines stand above the rest, is the fact that these machines come with established pre-sets as well as the ability for the operator to manually add their own. There is no-trial and error period for the end-user. The training that the customer receives on the machine, can possibly alleviate any fears and showcase how each treatment can be beneficial for any potential customer. The decades of knowledge within the Clareblend team, and these machines, this company, and the knowledge that has been passed along for nearly 100 years. This has ultimately made Clareblend stand out in the industry. Their commitment within the industry has solidified themselves as a must for any beauty therapy business wishing to invest in the very best equipment with highest of quality and customer service. Looking ahead, next product that Clareblend will be releasing is the industry’s first of its kind: The Innovation. A retractable 6-Needle, Galvanic Multi-Needle Epilating System for faster epilation while maintaining ultimate comfort. Company: Clareblend Inc. Contact: Nadia Klukovich, CEO Website: Email: [email protected]