Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

58 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , inMotion VR B.V. inMotion VR B.V.: Best Healthcare Virtual Reality Solutions Provider 2019 & Best Virtual Reality Therapy Platform: Corpus VR Leading the healthcare market towards adopting revolutionary new technologies, Dutch- based inMotion VR B.V. is an innovative technology company. We celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s competitive Healthcare and Pharmacutical Awards by exploring the success of the company and inviting one of its Founders to tell us more about the work it undertakes and how this is reshaping the physical therapymarket. Established in 2016 by expert Serious Game Developer Gert- Jan Brok and Psychosomatic Physical Therapist Kiki Coppelmans, inMotion VR is working to change the healthcare space using cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Besides running a family together, these two experts have combined forces to tackle the challenges in modern healthcare and rehabilitation through innovation. Their flagship solution, Corpus VR, is designed and developed to change the process of rehabilitation by providing adaptive, precise and personalized exercises in Virtual Reality through games. Using VR in physical therapy increases focus for the patient, and at the same time enables a physical therapist to get better insight than ever before on the process with objective data. This has a direct and profound effect on the outcome and reduces the associated healthcare costs as well. Also, the solution improves therapy loyalty, with an increase to up to 60% patient loyalty. As part of this focus on getting patients to actively engage with and enjoy therapy, at inMotion VR there is a strong focus to implement fun, gamified exercises. Co- Founder Kiki Coppelmans comments on why this is important for increasing engagement for patients. “For the patient, the healing process becomes a lot easier and less tiresome when they are more engaged. The specific games and environments that we have developed do just that. So that you, as a physical therapist, also directly benefit.” Having great technologies like VR rockets therapy from a mostly boring and repetitive ‘must-do’, into a whole new gamified world of healing. As a platform, accessible through a VR app, Corpus VR holds a variety of therapeutic exercises for neck and head, and in the near future also shoulders and trunk stability training. Designed specifically with patients in mind, Corpus VR was thoroughly tested by a group of physical therapists in the Netherlands and is currently being researched in multiple innovation programs within innovative hospitals like St. Maartens rehab clinic in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and The University Hospital of Ghent in Belgium, which are both partners of Corpus VR in developing the applied program. Kiki explores how the solution was designed specifically to meet the ever-evolving needs of patients and providers throughout the healthcare space. “Currently, one of the bigger worldwide trends is to focus on self-managed healthcare. Essentially, this trend brings a patient’s therapy to their home or at work, instead of them needing to go to a clinic or physio center, and thus saving time and money. However, in order for this to be successful, patients need a system to give them the right guidance and feedback to be able to perform the exercises correctly and get the best results. They also need an app on their smartphone with exercises and tips is certainly helpful, but also very limited. “A unique entrant to the market, Corpus VR manages to overcome this by providing a personal version that can be connected to a health care provider or even stand- alone. When immersed in a VR world, the cognitive distraction lowers pain perception, while relaxation gets its part in healing. In the meantime, an integrated very precise Range of Motion measurement tool offers a tailor-made, individual exercise program, with in-game monitoring of user progress.” Ultimately, thanks to feedback from existing clients and ongoing research, inMotion VR foresees a bright future for Corpus VR and is aiming at the top in this innovative market. Now is the time for clinics and practices to take the next step, and the firm’s expert team will be there to support them and help them to bring the future of therapy direct to their patients, today. Company: inMotion VR B.V. Contact: Kiki Coppelmans Email: [email protected] Website: