Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

60 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , m.Doc GmbH m.Doc GmbH: Best Digital Health Platform 2019 Founded in 2016 by an experienced teambased in Cologne, Germany, m.Doc GmbH is a healthcare firm that creates digital innovations access to the health care system, improves communicationwith patients and injured persons and helps to optimize care processes. The digital health platformaccompanies people in all health issues, including on their way through the various facilities of our health care system. Thus, m.Doc wants to enable patients to enjoy a healthy and save freedomat any time. Find out why this award-winning health service provider is one of the best digital health platforms of 2019. m.Doc supports people with a variety of health issues, all the way through the various facilities of the healthcare system. Using technology at the forefront of the medical industry, the company has developed an intelligent platform that allows information gathered from a diverse range of technical environments and process landscapes to be presented easily in a patient-centred manner. The mission at m.Doc is to create a digital health platform that both clinics and patients trust in. Building a trusted network of players in the healthcare industry, the company is helping the clinics move into a digital era of optimised communication. This puts the patient at the centre of his or her medical care so they don’t feel left out when it comes to something as crucial as their own healthcare. With a core motivation to solve key societal issues, the team’s efforts revolve around the increasing burdens on healthcare systems. With ageing societies, more and more people are requiring effective and efficient medical attention, but there is a shortage of medical personnel and resources especially in rural areas. m.Doc is seeking to guarantee coordinated, networked, transparent and reliable healthcare, adding value for both the patient and physician. At the moment, m.Doc Smart Clinic is the main product offered by the firm. Smart Clinic is an application which specialises in the digital control of hospital and rehabilitation stays, supporting patients before, during and after their stay. With this app, a patient is enabled to prepare his or her stay with personalized checklists, and can get support with indoor navigation, calendars, timetables or even informed consent forms to discuss with a doctor. After the hospital stay, the patient care continues with information such as a medication plan, all delivered in a clear and concise manner. Recognising that there is a great deal of overlap between analogue and digital information paths, m.Doc seeks to address the main problem of independent operation. Where data is collected in different systems, the company has sought to create a digital eco-system that allows easy access to information during any treatment process. In digitalising clinics with a patient-centric approach, communication becomes clearer and more accessible across medical departments which in turn enables better care and more value for all parties involved. With a strong focus on having the patient at the centre of the digitalisation process, m.Doc is at the forefront of an increasingly important market that big pharmaceutical industries are taking notice of. As big players continue to enter the digital healthcare industry, regulatory and legal frameworks are changing drastically, but the company ensures that they stay ahead of developments across their market to continue offering the best digitisation service they possibly can. The remarkable success of m.Doc is down to their unrelenting willingness to help solve one of the biggest challenge the healthcare industry today. With ageing societies and a drastic shortage of medical professionals, the digitisation of the healthcare industry can go a long way towards helping share easily- accessible information between departments and ensuring the patient knows clearly the information he or she needs to. Company: m.Doc GmbH Contact: Manuela Stenz/Stefanie Berger Website: