Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 61 , DigiPol Technologies DigiPol Technologies: Best Digital Polarimeters Manufacturer 2019 DigiPol Technologies draws on a long legacy of excellence in the digital polarimeters market to deliver innovative solutions that are popular with clients across the scientific community. We profile the firm to learnmore about the range of products it provides. Originally founded in 1948 as Rudolph Instruments, DigiPol Technologies has become a historical and global name in the manufacture of Digital Polarimeters. Thanks to the innovation of Rudolph Instruments, DigiPol Technologies enjoys a long track record of innovation. For instance, in 1959 the firm introduced the world’s first commercial automatic Polarimeter. The company also developed the world’s first fully automatic Spectro Polarimeter and America’s first microprocessor based automatic Polarimeter and Saccharimeter. The firm rebranded to create a distinctive identity for its leading-edge brand name technology, the DigiPol series of Automatic Polarimeters. The Rudolph Instruments’ DigiPol brand has long been synonymous with innovative and quality Polarimeter Technology. What has remained the same despite the name change is the fact that DigiPol Technologies’ instruments offer the perfect balance of high-precision, accuracy, long- term reliability and cost-effectiveness, making them popular with the international scientific community. More recent innovations from DigiPol Technologies include the firm’s highly successful DigiPol Nova range of Automatic Polarimeters, such as the Nova M6U, a high precision UV/VIS automatic Polarimeter, which is now accepted as an instrument of choice in Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Research Institutes around the world. All of the firm’s range of analytical instrumentation and accessories are employed by a wide variety of industries from pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, food processors to conduct cutting-edge research and analysis. Whilst many companies in the market discontinue service for older models once a new one is released, DigiPol Technologies is committed to providing support to clients regardless of the age of their machine. It is this dedication to client service that has led DigiPol Technologies to achieve strong relationships with many of its clients, some of whom have been working with the company for as long as 25 years. The firm enjoys working closely with clients and uses their feedback to enhance its machines and solutions offering. Looking to the future, DigiPol Technologies will continue to innovate and craft unique solutions that disrupt the scientific market for many years to come. Company: DigiPol Technologies Contact: Dr. Kumar Utukuri Website: