Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

62 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , CareLineLive: Best Home Care Management Solutions Provider - UK Seeking to integrate cutting-edge technology into the thriving home care market, CareLineLive offers a CareManagement System that improves efficiency, saves time and is used inHome Care agencies throughout the UK. In celebration of the firm’s win in this year’s prestigious Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we explore how this innovative system is helping to bring the home care market into the digital age. Originally established by Josh Hough, CareLineLive was born out of his own personal experience with the care system and his desire to integrate the latest technology into social care in order to improve efficiency and help provide people with the best care in their own homes. When Josh’s grandfather was taken ill, his family did not receive the information they needed to provide them with peace of mind about his care. As a result, he used his technical expertise and understanding of the care system to create CareLineLive, and today he is the Managing Director of this thriving company. From the outset, CareLineLive’s focus has been to understand the challenges that Home Care agencies face day-to-day. The company’s team have worked closely with home care agencies and as a result its solution’ development has been insight-led so that their system is fit for purpose. Thanks to this unique, industry led development, CareLineLive offers a cloud- based end-to-end care management solution that includes a Carer Companion Mobile App, a Care Management Web Platform, and a Family and Friends Web Portal. The solution improves efficiency, saves time and increases productivity in Home Care agencies. It has multiple features that help with the day-to-day running of a home care business, from quick and easy rostering, to automating processes such as invoicing, and verifiable call monitoring. Specifically, CareLineLive’s Carer Companion Mobile App provides Carers with more time to care as less time is spent on paper-based administration. With the app, Carers can instantly access rotas, securely check-in and check-out of visits, retrieve up- to-date care plans, leave notes for the next carer and access eMAR (Electronic Medical Administration Records) and client tasks to deliver responsive care. As a pioneer in the home care industry, the company has been at the heart of developments in the market since its inception, and has worked hard to combine the latest legislative changes with the ever-evolving needs of families and carers working in the market. As part of this focus on innovation, CareLineLive was one of the first companies in the care space to offer visibility and engagement to clients’ families with its Family and Friends portal, providing information, dates and times about a relative’s visit schedules and care, 24/7. Working to continually adapt, the firm is constantly enhancing and developing its technology. Earlier this year, CareLineLive launched its intuitive eMAR solution. Members of the home care industry were fed up with complicated MAR sheets that replicated the paper-based version with split cells for codes and initials and unnecessary information. In response to this, CareLineLive developed an eMAR solution that is simple to use, where recurring medication and tasks can be set up easily and whose interface feels like second nature. As an integral feature of CareLineLive’s Care Management System, this new eMAR and Carer Tasks solution can help to reduce errors as carers are kept continuously updated about a client’s medication needs so can be responsive to a client’s needs. eMAR can also help with CQC inspections providing an auditable trail, as it records medication given and alerts staff when there is a concern in real- time e.g. medication has been missed, and the reason why. The success of this addition to this already revolutionary solution shows the firm’s ongoing commitment to driving beneficial change in the home care market. Seeking to build upon the already impressive success of this creative and user-focused solution, moving forward CareLineLive remains focused on exploring new ways to improve their solution. For example, the firm’s roadmap of development over the next 12 months utilises the increasing availability of IOT products (Internet of Things). This will enable family members access to information so they can not only see the carer has been in, but make sure that their relative’s house is warm, safe and that their relative is comfortable. Ultimately, CareLineLive’s vision is to give Home Care agencies more time to care; for their businesses, their staff and their clients. The firm’s easy-to-use Care Management System can help home care agencies to improve the day-to-day efficiency of running their business, with access to real-time information that can be updated automatically and manually. Company: CareLineLive Contact: Josh Hough Website: