Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 63 , PT Insan Medika Persada PT Insan Medika Persada: Best Digital Home Care Provider 2019 - Indonesia PT InsanMedika Persada is the largest digital-based home care nurse agency in Indonesia providing award-winning, 24/7 patient care at home. We profile the firm to learnmore about how it has risen to this market-leading position. Founded in 2013, Insan Medika is a health care company that providing professional home care services at home to a wide range of service users. Initially, the firm was created by Try Wibowo as a digital pioneer of home care business in Indonesia. Having noticed the need for home care that utilised the latest technology, Try created a company that could provide these services and meet the growing need in the country for quality, innovative home care. Since the beginning Insan Medika has been providing non-medical and medical care thanks to its dedicated team of nurses and caregivers, all of whom are committed to offering clients the highest possible standards of service. Today, the firm has recruited more than 2000 people and has provided services to over 6000 patients. It is now a pioneer in digital home care business in Indonesia. Service users range of children and babies through the elderly and those with special needs. What unites this disparate range of clients is the exceptional standard of care they receive from Insan Medika. Ultimately, Insan Medika is a company that has a vision to help build jobs and train young people in Indonesia to be able to provide services to others, especially sick people and the elderly. Over the coming years the firm will continue to grow to maximize digital service services, especially home care services so that it can reach more people across Indonesia and provide them with the award-winning care services and support that they need to live happy and healthy lives. Company: PT Insan Medika Persada Contact: Try Wibowo Website: