Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 69 , SureMed Technologies Inc. SureMed Technologies Inc.: Leading Innovators in Medication Safety & Efficacy - USA SureMed Technologies Inc. (SureMed Tech) offers healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and patients the highest quality, andmost reliable and useful platforms for tracking usage of parenteral drugs and improvingmedication outcome using its ePlungers, eCaps and eSleeves. In celebration of the company’s success in the 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards we profile the firm to explore how its cutting-edge technology is fuelling change in the medical technology and healthcare spaces. Since it was created in 2017 SureMed Tech has been aiming to improve medication safety and efficacy in new area of healthcare by bringing its digital connectivity solutions to injectable medical devices. Thanks to the firm’s hard work and dedication, over the past two years SureMed Tech has built a competency through its disruptive technologies and quality management. The firm’s unique solutions help to overcome worldwide issues in the healthcare space. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that “Medication Adherence is the most important factor determining Medical Outcomes”. Medication non-adherence is also called “a Silent Killer”. In the USA, 66.7% prescription are under non-adherence annually and 125,000 premature deaths are caused by non- medication adherence annually. This results in $300B cost for the healthcare system and $637B cost for pharmaceutical industry annually. Striving to overcome this challenge, SureMed Tech’s invention will significantly help to overcome these problems. The firm is the only company currently offering solution to digitally connect PFS and manual injectors. Its innovative eCap and ePlunger technology is designed to be pharma manufacturing and patient friendly, while its eSleeve technology applies to both common three step autoinjectors and push-start (2-step) autoinjectors. As part of its user-centric approach, the firm’s design philosophy is to create injectable e-Connect solutions that does not interfere nor alter existing injection steps. This is integrated into every solution that the company develops and has helped it to become a pioneer in the industry. Ultimately, the overarching goal of SureMed Tech is to be the leader in the digital parenteral injection space by introducing disruptive technologies without requiring significant costs. As part of this ambitious aim, the firm is currently developing a revolutionary digital connectivity solution for the injectable devices market to enable convenient, quick, easy, and most importantly, seamless adoption. This development and others will drive the company to achieve its goal and lead this competitive and flourishing market over the years ahead. Company: SureMed Technologies Inc. Email: [email protected] Web Address: