Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 71 , Nutralab Canada Corp. Nutralab Canada Corp.: Best Custom Natural Health Supplements Manufacturer - Canada A private label contract manufacturer for natural health supplements, NutraLab Canada Corp. is one of the country’s premier, vertically-integrated companies in the natural health sector. The firmoffer all manner of turnkey operations including R&D, formulations, regulatory clearance, ingredients sourcing, label design, full-dosage formmanufacturing, and packaging. As a winner of a coveted Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Award, discover why this company are one of the best manufacturers of customnatural health supplements. Focused on offering complete manufacturing solutions to national and international clients, NutraLab strive to ensure a seamless launch to market from start to finish. By vertically integrating all upstream processes, the company is able to completely control the cost and speed of every step of production. The client has the peace of mind, knowing that this company are one of the most efficient one- stop-shops for health supplement contract manufacturing. With over fifteen years of experience as one of the leading private label vitamin manufacturers, NutraLab has been serving both Canadian and international clients with great success. Drawing on their expertise, professionalism, and dedication, the company offer better quality and cost- effective products and services to their clients. The company’s facility is also registered with the US Food and Drug Administration, representing a new stage for NutraLab in meeting international safety and quality requirements. This latest development further highlights the company’s commitment to manufacture and supply private label vitamins of the highest quality standards. NutraLab is one of the only contract manufacturers in Canada to offer full dosage form manufacturing. While other manufacturers will focus on one or two dosage forms, this company has manufacturing capabilities for softgels, tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, and syrups. Also, the firm boasts packaging capabilities for bottles, cartons, and sachets for solid, powder, and liquid formats. Achieving full dosage form manufacturing over ten years ago, NutraLab is committed to continuously expanding production capabilities with all the latest innovative changes to the industry. With internal sourcing of ingredients, robust quality assurance and control systems, and third- party testing, the company can continually guarantee better product quality. Having over forty percent of the company’s products being exported worldwide, NutraLab strives to ensure that it stays aware of national and international policy changes. Despite order fluctuations, the firm always strives to adapt to new policy changes and continue to deliver high-quality natural health supplements to their clients, all over the world. The continuous investment into the company’s practices also help ensure that they continue to improve across a number of areas. Giving themselves an advantage through scientific research and global technical cooperation, NutraLab’s always put the clients and their needs at the centre of everything achieved. The successes of NutraLab are down to their unique ability to offer full dosage form manufacturing, whilst maintaining the incredibly high standards of quality that clients expect. Employing a wealth of experience to ensure the continued international delivery of top-quality custom natural health supplements, this Canadian manufacturer are creating their own success. Company: Nutralab Canada Corp. Contact: Peter Ou Website: