Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

72 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Best for Clinical Trials Management Services - Quebec JSS Medical Research Inc.: Best for Clinical Trials Management Services - Quebec Since evolving froma local Canadian contract research organisation (CRO) to an international full-service CRO, JSSMedical Research Inc. now conduct clinical research in over twenty countries worldwide. Under the wise leadership of Dr John Sampalis, this company has developed into an internationally-recognised partner that helps manage multiple, complex clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas. We unearth the secrets behind their success, as they receive a Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Award for being the best in clinical trials management services in Quebec. Established in 1985, JSS has since gone on to become a full-service contract research organisation, providing clients with a one-stop-shop from study conception to results dissemination. The company’s expertise in clinical development and post-trial marketing helps to serve the needs of leading pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical device, biotech, and nutraceutical clients. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, the company has additional offices across the world in Colombia, India and Poland, granting them a global presence and client base. With over three hundred employees worldwide, the firm are currently engaged in over two hundred ongoing projects. The vision behind the work at JSS is to achieve excellence in health research by linking the industry, academia, regulatory authorities, payers, and patients through one scientific foundation. The firm have been instrumental in various clinical trials that have produced results which have led to major changes throughout the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Upon evaluating and revising the Quebec trauma care system alongside the Ministry of Health, JSS were key in establishing the Quebec trauma registry, which subsequently caused a reduction of major trauma mortality from 55% to 18%. Also assessing the impact of waiting times on the outcomes of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery in Quebec, JSS conducted the first ever analysis of its kind. The results were critical in the creation of delay thresholds and determination of wait list reduction targets. The company also evaluated scintimammographical technology, before supporting adaptation of it across Canada and worldwide for early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Academic affiliations of JSS push the company to the cutting edge of research. Several staff are undertaking graduate training in clinical research to ensure that they always have innovative ideas and new knowledge integrated into the services offered. New discoveries in science constantly present new opportunities for research to enhance the company’s ability to conduct better clinical research. Having already established themselves with offices in four major continents, JSS are looking to expand their operations into the United States and Europe by partnering with a like-minded strategic investor. The firm are ahead of the curve, understanding that the future of health research lies in real- world evidence. By conducting real-world epidemiological and clinical research for three and a half decades, this company are at the forefront of clinical research developments. The successes of JSS come from their wealth of understanding regarding the clinical research industry within healthcare, and the vital role it plays. Having already been instrumental in establishing game-changing healthcare developments, this global research firm’s vital work is going to see them grow from strength to strength. Company: JSS Medical Research Inc. Contact: John Sampalis Website: