Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 81 , Audiology Associates Ltd Audiology Associates Ltd: Best Audiology Company 2019 - Wales Based throughout SouthWales Audiology Associates Ltd are a private & independent hearing care teamwho stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. We profile the firm to learn more. Audiology Associates was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Rhys Barber and Leah Morris Barber. Both are experts in their individual fields, and they have drawn on their collective experience of Audiology and Business Management which has allowed the company to grow from strength to strength. Together this dynamic team lead Audiology Associates and drive their ever-expanding portfolio of clinics to even greater success. The extended Audiology Team are a group of clinical experts highly revered in their field with extensive Audiology experience amongst them. The team and their patients are also bolstered by Audiology Associates’ dedicated Clerking and Administration Team. To ensure quality services for all clients, Audiology Associates invest highly in all staff members clinical training. Their Administration Team have also received counselling practice to aid patients in their journey towards better hearing health. Assisting their patients further Audiology Associates run a ground-breaking and educational YouTube Channel. This channel provides transparency of the techniques used to remove ear wax and patients can be seen mid procedure. It also educates its’ subscribers and viewers on Aural health and when to gain assistance from a Hearing Professional. The channel currently has over 160k subscribers worldwide and is the UK’s most subscribed channel. Audiology Associates regularly gain messages of thanks and support from other Audiologists, Trainers, Universities and Individuals who all use the channel as an educational tool in best practice or gaining assistance with hearing loss / issues. The team at Audiology Associates work on an ethical drive, very unusually in this sector none of the team are on a commission structure and there is a non-pressured friendly environment for patients and staff alike. The ethos for this organisation is to educate and improve hearing health in whatever way possible and that is enough. As a result, patients feel supported throughout their journey working with this dedicated and professional company. Thanks to this team of experts and the firm’s longstanding provision of quality hearing care solutions, over the years Audiology Associates has come to be a key player in the market, and offers a range of digital hearing aids from industry leading manufacturers, as well as a wide range of treatment options. Each and every member of the firm’s team firmly believes that no client should have to compromise when it comes to the quality of their aural care, and as such they are committed to offering only the highest possible quality of service and treatment. Looking to the future, Audiology Associates has exciting plans to continue to grow and flourish, working to support an even wider array of clients over the years ahead and offer them the chance to restore their hearing and enjoy a happy, healthy life. Leah Morris-Barber Director & Co Founder continued that sentiment by stating, “Rhys, myself and our wonderful team are so delighted to be awarded Best Audiology Company In Wales! It reflects what we are privileged to hear from our patients every single day. “At Audiology Associates we pride ourselves on being a company that does not offer a cookie cutter approach to gain sales. Our ethos is strong and our morals stronger. We knew that to make a real difference to our patients we needed to build a business from the ground up, creating a truly welcoming and educated experience from the first phone call into the clerking office to our aftercare. We get to know each patient on an individual level, we understand their daily life and struggles. Our team sees the profound impact that our Audiological Service has, not only on our patients lives, but on their family and friends also. “It’s wonderful to be recognised in this manner and it goes to show that if you stay loyal to your core as an organisation and more importantly to your patients’ needs that it works! Our primary goal is to provide a personalised solution for the individual patients needs in a no obligation local environment, free from sales pressure and high mark-ups. With an overburdened public health care system, we offer primary audiological services with a very small wait time. We would never take for granted what we have here at Audiology Associates, each team member works so hard and offers the highest level of service, Audiological expertise and loyalty to our patient’s needs, thus enabling them to live better lives! It doesn’t get much better than this.” Company: Audiology Associates Ltd Contact: Leah Morris Website: