Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

84 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , CareRooms CareRooms: Best Private Healthcare & Rehabilitation Centre - London & South East England Offering a unique model designed to provide support for the UK’s healthcare systemand give patients a relaxing space to recover, CareRooms connects householders with spare rooms with patients in need of somewhere to convalesce. As we share an overview of this year’s deserving Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards winners, we felt it was important to showcase this creative company and its innovative network. With an ageing population and increasing overcrowding in hospitals, many patients are seeking an alternative way to recuperate from operations, long bouts of illness and other health-related events. Whilst hospitals remain centres of excellence for the treatment of many issues, they are not always the quietest and most tranquil of spaces, making them ill-suited for convalescence. Established in 2016 with the aim to address this issue, CareRooms arranges safe, welcoming and comfortable places for people to enjoy a better recovery after, or instead of, a hospital stay. Acting as a unique network, the firm works with hosts, many of whom are retired healthcare professionals, who have spare rooms and turns them into spaces where patients can recover in safety and comfort. These hosts take pressure off the health system and are financially rewarded for their kindness. They have rooms that have been inspected and specially modified by CareRooms to become the ideal recovery environment. As a result, patients and their families can rest safe in the knowledge that CareRooms has selected the best possible space for recovery. Whilst hosts provide the space, the firm itself offers everything from step up, step down and respite capacity as required, as well as support for delayed transfer of care, reablement and even a ‘front desk’ service for any queries or complaints. Patients in a CareRoom receive more than just a quiet place to recuperate; they have 24/7 care at their fingertips, with a technology enabled team monitoring their vital signs and wellbeing plus a video GP service that can be accessed around the clock. Everything from mobility aides through to three delicious meals a day is provided as part of a patient’s stay. Indeed, one of the most stand-out aspects of the CareRooms service is “hope” and psychological recovery which comes from feeling safe and knowing that you’re not lonely or vulnerable. Accredited by a number of independent agencies including Q doctor, CECOPS and the Social Care Institute for Excellence, CareRooms is able to offer a truly unique service that cannot be found elsewhere. It benefits all stakeholders, from healthcare providers through to homeowners and patients themselves. Ultimately, by bringing together world leading technologies and the ‘sharing economy’ to connect homes and communities, CareRooms aims to drastically reduce common issues such as social isolation for host and patients and an increasing cost of care that far surpasses the majority of people’s retirement incomes. This will remain the firm’s core focus over the coming years as it works with even more hosts and patients from throughout the UK. Company: CareRooms Contact: Elizabeth Gaudin Website: