Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

86 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , MediComb A/S MediComb A/S: Most Innovative Drug Information System - Nordic Region & Leaders in Patient Safety 2019 - Nordic Region A Danish start-up, MediComb A/S have developed a drug information systemwhich provides an instant overview of treatment withmany simultaneously-taken drugs, or polypharmacy. Following their double win in Global Health & Pharma’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2019, we uncover why the firmare the most innovative drug information systemand leader is patient safety across the Nordic region. An increasingly ageing population in Western society has placed immeasurable pressure on the health and care industries. As a result, new and expensive drugs that are emerging to treat difficult diseases are often excluded due to the steeply-rising cost of treating the elderly. Danish firm MediComb are on a mission to deliver better, safer, healthier lives for the growing number of elderly patients, whilst defusing the demographic time bomb. Offering a system which holds the best and most comprehensive medicine information, MediComb are ensuring that all parties involved in a medical process have the necessary tools to make the most well-informed decision they can. The firm currently offer two version of the system, one professional and public. The healthcare professional version is targeted at GP’s, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, and care providers, each with individual user profiles to simplify matters. The public version of the system is designed for consumers, whether that be patients or relatives, and empowers them to validate the utility of their medication. With a growing importance on patient empowerment, having the knowledge to have informed discussions with medical professionals is invaluable for patients when determining what course of medical action is best for them. The system contains all information in a summary of product characteristics, but also integrates other sources like interactions, direct healthcare professional communication, unintended incidents and medical guidelines. All information is related to a patient’s drugs and it is possible to filter out information by sex, age, weight and patient type. Users can also find all the necessary and relevant information or precautions for the elderly or other groups. The system will notify MediComb users of special conditions for lab tests, surgery, and anaesthesia and inform them about relevant monitoring or measuring in relation to those special conditions. Adverse reactions may be grouped according to ICD10 organ classes. By reducing inappropriate medication, it is estimated that there would be a 15% reduction in drug expenditure, a 5% reduction in hospital admissions, and the potential for cost of care to be reduced by between 10 and 20%. Improved patient safety and quality of life and care would usually result in increased cost, but MediComb’s technological solution enables better welfare for less money. Most drug information today is digitalised, but remains document-based, meaning that users still have to read lots of information pages for each drug. Searching for many types of additional information and trying to manually establish an overview of multi-drug treatments can be tiresome for users, but MediComb have solved this problem. In all, the resounding success of this Danish start-up is down to its necessity across the medicinal and pharmaceutical industry. At a time where ageing populations and drug- intake are under constant scrutiny, MediComb are paving the way for hospitals and care providers to help mitigate the risk of multi- drug prescriptions with a clear and easy-to- use system of information regarding drugs. Company: MediComb A/S Contact: Henrik Reiche Website: