Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

88 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Net Check In Net Check In: Best Medical Services Queue Management Solution Headquartered inMinneapolis, one software solutions developer is transforming the way the world waits. Having developed software solutions for industry-leading companies for more than thirty years, Net Check In has become the go-to provider for transformative technology that connects people with services. Discover their successes as part of our Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2019. Serving a range of industries that include government, retail, hospitality, education, financial services, automotive, and healthcare, Net Check In’s focus is on queue management. Particularly within the healthcare industry, the firm is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience by eliminating long queues and the stress of crowded waiting rooms. By developing a simple and easy-to- implement solution, patients can check-in remotely online and then wait for service anywhere they choose — at home, work, a local park, or a coffee shop. Constantly updated on their position in the queue, patients are then notified when it is time for them to arrive at the medical facility for their service. Mobile technology is being used by Net Check In to remove the doubt as to when patients will be seen, and the frustration of having to wait for long periods in queues and waiting rooms filled with sick people. The innovative software works in three ways to transform the waiting process: • First, a patented algorithm and artificial intelligence work to estimate an accurate wait-time. Based on actual real-time service intervals and resource levels, Net Check In also posts those estimates on the healthcare provider’s website and in custom apps so that patients can determine which location is most convenient for them. • Second, Net Check In enables the patient to check in remotely online from their phone, tablet or desktop, increasing mobility and flexibility and allowing patients to wait for their services wherever they want. • Finally, the software updates and notifies the patient on their status within the queue. Continuously updated via the app or browser with real-time status of remaining wait time, patients can use this to gauge when it is time for them to make their way to the facility. Net Check In’s patented algorithm and AI have proven to be over 90% more accurate than traditional staff estimates on waiting times, and are currently being used by more than ten million users with over four million check ins per month. The unrivaled accuracy, reliability, and flexibility are just some of the reasons this software has experienced massive success. Also, being a web-based solution, there is no need for extra hardware or regular downloads. Service is provided on a monthly subscription (there are no contracts and customers can cancel any time ….but they don’t). Net Check In has excellent 24/7 customer support where there is always a live US-based representative available to answer any questions. It is not just patients who benefit greatly from this software. Healthcare providers are able to access metrics on wait-times, no-shows, peak loads, staff utilization, service duration, patient satisfaction, and much more. On-site wait times have seen a 78% reduction, with most users waiting less than five minutes in the waiting room. With the reduction of crowds and tension in waiting rooms, staff and employees are less stressed and able to deliver better patient care, while resources are more effectively optimized. The unparalleled success and necessity of Net Check In’s innovative software cannot be overstated. By reducing wait times, ensuring patients get seen quickly and efficiently, and improving the healthcare provider’s ability to deliver quality patient care, this ingenious web-based solution is the easiest and most cost-effective way for a service provider to enhance the patient experience and boost customer satisfaction and retention. Company: Net Check In Contact: Jim Alviani Website: