Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

90 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Vital10 Vital10: Best National Health Promotion & Support Company – Netherlands & GHP Innovation Award for Medical Monitoring Solutions Supporting users throughout the Netherlands, Vital 10 is an innovative organization for health promotion, self-management, and remote support and guidance. We profile the firm to learnmore and share an insight into how far it has come since it was initially established. Since it first began in 2007 Vital10 has been striving to encourage people to stay healthy. To achieve this, the firm has been working to offer low threshold healthcare services that will meet their needs in today’s modern market. Healthcare systems are often complicated, opaque and difficult to navigate, even for the healthiest in society. Whether attempting to speak to a doctor, stick to a medication plan, analyse test results, or monitor recovery progress, patients are having to rely on a slow-moving and uncommunicative network of clinics, hospitals and insurers. Demanding more from providers, Vital10 are encouraging responsiveness, with customised and clear support that enable patients to take on personal health challenges with confidence. Everyone want to live a healthier and happier life, whether that is recovering from a heart attack, fighting diabetes, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressures or simply working out more often. Vital10 makes it less hard to get healthy, inspiring users to set goals and then working alongside them to see those goals achieved. Working alongside users every step of the way, Vital10’s digital health coaches monitor progress and help ensure that the path to a healthy life is both effective and efficient. Should users need help along the way, the platform will also connect them to an accredited expert via smartphone or computer, whether that be a physician, physical therapist, trainer, or nutritionist. Membership of Vital 10 is open to everyone, and members get access to the firm’s innovative and cutting-edge online health care platform. This platform offers special benefits such as discounts on a range of, preferably sustainable, products and services. Not only products that allow people to do self-checks on their health and services that give valuable advise on how to improve their health, but also discounts on hotels, restaurants, clothing, etc. As it works to provide quality healthcare Vital 10 works closely with the best health care professionals, specialized companies and knowledge institutions. The platform’s remote health care services concept, which offers members 24/7 contact with their doctor or specialist without the necessity of meeting face to face, is completely unique to the market. This leads to much lower health care costs both for the members and for society, and as it cannot be found elsewhere it helps the firm to draw new members to experience its quality and creative healthcare services. More than just a digital platform, Vital10 is an ecosystem for healthy living. Together with network partners outside the healthcare system, the platform allows patients and clients to become members of the company and access discounts on extra services throughout the ecosystem. For example, where supermarkets are offering healthy products, the platform allows members to access all manner of healthy recipes. The ecosystem operates as a two- sided personal health app, saving the needs and preferences of each member, and then connecting them to suppliers who can help. Fundamentally, Vital10 has been specifically designed to inspire members to set health goals and then work with them to achieve them. This focus helps the firm to drive greater health management among the wider community and reduce the burden on healthcare services. This will remain central to the firm’s focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. Company: Vital10 Contact: Sabine Pinedo Website: