Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 91 , DrDoctor DrDoctor: Best Healthcare Transformation Specialists - UK Through its creative solutions, DrDoctor is working to radically change the way patients interact with the NHS, allowing patients to receive the best possible care at the lowest possible cost and providing healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver long term, high quality, care. As we showcase a selection of this year’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards winners we offer a unique overview of this dynamic and creative company and the cutting- edge solutions it has devised to drive these drastic changes. Since its creation in 2012 DrDoctor has been putting patients in control of their healthcare, whilst maximising valuable NHS resources. In today’s digital age, the firm has developed solutions designed with modern users in mind. By harnessing the power of the internet, smartphones and SMS, patients can choose and reschedule their appointment times, feedback on services and learn more about what to expect from clinics. Every aspect of the appointment is dealt with digitally, allowing for efficiency for all stakeholders. Cancellations are automatically refilled using a proprietary algorithm presented to the patient. This automation and efficiency improvement also allows for a greater quality of care provided and helps staff to operate at the top of their practice by focusing their efforts where they can have the greatest impact. As part of its focus on improving efficiency for the NHS, the firm has worked hard to establish how to improve the chances of patients attending and gaining benefit from their appointments and treatments, and then implementing these techniques into its solution. For example, the company has established that reminder messages increase the likelihood of attendance. This is particularly important, as 1 in 10 patients do not attend their appointments, which costs the NHS £900 million a year. Thanks to this research and the innovative solutions it offers, the outcome of using DrDoctor is more efficient clinics, a cost saving to hospitals and a much better experience for patients. Overall, since it first began DrDoctor has been striving towards creating a platform that catalyses technology led change in hospitals and healthcare systems. The firm has had to work hard to disrupt the current system and drive real, beneficial change, and it still has a long way to go, but its success so far is down to its innovative solutions and dedication towards innovation. These principals will help the company to grow and prosper over the years ahead. Company: DrDoctor Contact: Netta Nyrhinen Website: