Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

92 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , International Travel and Healthcare Limited International Travel and Healthcare Limited: Best Medical Travel Insurance Provider - UK Working to fill a gap in the market, International Travel and Healthcare Limited is dedicated to providing comprehensive travel insurance for consumers who have extensive medical conditions. We profile the firm to find out more about how this service offering has helped drive it to win in this year’s competitive Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. Created in 2005, International Travel and Healthcare has thrived over the years, and today it encompasses a range of brands including Safe Journey, OneStop4, Fit-4-Travel and more recently InsureMyCruise. Among these is the pioneering Safe Journey, the UK’s first specialist terrorism travel insurance. Launched in May 2016, Safe Journey has been designed to provide financial protection for the changing world. Alongside this, International Travel and Healthcare has also created OneStop4, a highly respected travel insurance brand, specialising in pre-existing medical conditions and travellers aged 50 and over. OneStop4 provides International Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies. Finally, the firm offers Fit-4-Travel, which has been designed specifically for the most medically impaired travellers and their companions. As a result, it enables those who struggle to get other travel insurance to enjoy comprehensive cover, with a range of optional benefits of their choice, including unlimited medical expenses and medical repatriation cover as a standard feature. Through these brands International Travel and Healthcare is able to offer specialist cover across a range of niche areas, including cruise cover, terrorism travel insurance as well as specialist insurance for those participating in winter sports and other activities. These unique schemes cover a range of risks that other policies in the market exclude; for instance, if a consumer is disinclined to travel after an act of terrorism has happened at their chosen destination, or require insurance for a cruise costing up to £100,000 per person. Therefore, International Travel and Healthcare is able to set itself apart from other insurance distributors operating in this highly competitive industry and mark itself out as the best possible option for a variety of travellers including those with terminal, degenerative and congenital medical conditions. As a specialist provider, the firm is able to support many other travel insurance brokers and price comparison websites, who are unable to cater for this extreme amount of health-impairment. Through this collaborative approach International Travel and Healthcare can offer clients the best possible service that is at the very cutting-edge of the latest insurance market developments. With the future stretched ahead of it, International Travel and Healthcare has many further exciting developments in the pipeline to ensure it remains the travel insurance provider of choice to a wide range of clients both now and moving forward. International Travel and Healthcare Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 433367. Company: International Travel and Healthcare Limited. Registered office: West House, 46 High St, Orpington. Kent. BR6 0JQ. Contact: Kate Huet Phone: 01689 892 228 LinkedIn: international-travel-and-healthcare-limited/ about/