Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 93 , MedPlan Communications MedPlan Communications: Best Continuing Medical Communications Agency 2019 - Canada Specialised in the development of continuing professional education programs and initiatives for healthcare professionals around the globe, MedPlan has been awarded the distinction of Canada’s Best ContinuingMedical Communications Agency for 2019. Since its inception in 1998, MedPlan Communications has established itself as a market leader and key collaborator in strategic healthcare communication services. With a diverse and ever growing portfolio of partners comprised of physician organizations, universities and pharmaceutical companies, MedPlan is at the forefront of developing impactful, value- added education for healthcare professionals worldwide. From scientific meetings to certified continuing medical education programs and practice enhancement initiatives, MedPlan creates learning platforms that fundamentally change the way clinicians care for their patients. Their programs bridge the gap between theory and practice, bring together networks of physicians, challenge clinical decision-making and drive the adoption of evolving healthcare approaches. MedPlan is an interdisciplinary team of 30+ strategists, medical content creators, designers, developers, project managers and other specialists, constantly challenging themselves to find new and innovative ways of sharing relevant medical information. At the heart of their company mission is an educational methodology that effortlessly combines established adult learning principles, gamification concepts, and a deep, meaningful reflection of practice. Welcoming digital change is imperative for all industries, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The team is continuously on the lookout for platforms and ideas in other fields that can be applied to the medical field to connect emerging technology to everyday physician needs. OPTIMED is an online practice assessment platform developed by MedPlan as a result of significant efforts to develop strategic approaches to clinical practice assessment. The platform allows clinicians to evaluate their clinical decision-making behaviours and benchmark them against guidelines, expert recommendations and their peers. This is just one example of the agency’s potential for innovation. Keeping a keen eye on innovative developments, MedPlan is pushing the limits of what OPTIMED can do, exploring how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can aid in the clinical decision making process. Working alongside a team of data scientists and AI specialists, the team is launching an integrated, multi-channel, personalised learning journey coupled to the OPTIMED platform in 2020. The consistent success of MedPlan as leader in strategic healthcare communications for more than two decades is down to their commitment in staying at the forefront of medical and technical developments. Helping healthcare professionals deliver the best possible care to patients is a vital practice, and with new ventures on the horizon, the innovative work of this Canadian healthcare firm will continue to evolve to meet the needs of clinicians. Company: MedPlan Communications Inc. Contact: Emy Behmoaram – Director, Client Services Website: