Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

94 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Al-Faraby Medical Group Al-Faraby Medical Group: Healthcare Consultancy of the Year 2019 - South Asia Established over twenty-five years ago, Al-FarabyMedical Group is focused on providing high quality healthcare solutions and services that are compassionate, culturally sensitive, and respectful. Following their win as Healthcare Consultancy of the Year across South Asia in our Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2019, we explore the firm’s work and continued success. Offering advanced, effective and competitive medical care solutions for individuals and corporations from a wide variety of business fields, Al-Faraby are South Asia’s leading healthcare service provider and consultant. Complying with the highest quality medical standards, the firm has concentrated its resources on providing state-of-the-art occupational healthcare services that match both local and international industry standards. Understanding the complex risks faced by employers, the experienced team at Al- Faraby work tirelessly to match their bespoke services to the needs of each individual client or business. Ensuring that their offerings are cost-effective and tailored, each client can rest assured of efficiency, confidentiality, and minimal disruption to the daily workings of the business. With three separate professional healthcare facilities, Al-Faraby offers comprehensive healthcare solutions to the needs of clients, whatever industry they are working in. The Healthcare Solutions Division of the firm offer their industrial partners occupational health screening programs, project management services, healthcare consulting services, and health education courses, to help maintain quality healthcare standards. Alongside their dedicated healthcare facilities, Al-Faraby also offer a Pharmacies Division, Medical Supplies Division, and Faraby Training Centres. The pharmaceutical division focuses on managing the operation of external and internal pharmacies within the company’s own medical centres, and other company’s individual pharmacies. Medical supplies division work alongside clients to make sure that they have access to necessary medical equipment and consumables, whilst the Faraby training centres work to provide continuous professional development, life support and certified courses. Pioneering the acquisition of approval from the largest oil and gas company in the world in Saudi Aramco, Al-Faraby were swiftly listed in their Approved Healthcare Providers for Onsite and Remote Area clinic operations. Their ambition is matched only by the level of their healthcare consultation services, delivered by the best qualified medical and support staff. That ambition will see the group continue to plan and work on winning more mega projects in oil and gas, as well as expanding their market spectrum beyond their current borders. By maintaining their focus on increasing HR capabilities and resources, Al-Faraby are continuing to attract and acquire the very best talents in the market to join their family. Alongside this, the group is keen to keep enhancing the aforementioned training centres and their capabilities to develop the skills and knowledge of the team. Despite the stringent internal audit and quality control programs to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, the firm is also dedicated to promoting their development programs in order to enhance the patient experience at all levels of service. Looking to the future, the team at Al-Faraby are acutely aware of developments in the field of healthcare, especially its focus on new technologies such as IOT and artificial intelligence to help provide more convenient services. Ensuring that they adapt to any new changes and new technologies, the group will continue to utilise them in offering that same convenience and patient-centric services for all their clients. Ultimately, the success of Al-Faraby is down to their dedication to form constructive, long-term and professional relationships with clients across the whole of South Asia. Committed to achieving the highest possible satisfaction rates with clients and the best healthcare services possible, the group are continuing to ensure their success will rise for years to come. Company: Al-Faraby Medical Group Contact: Sami Abutteen, Executive Director Email: [email protected] Website: