Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 97 g CBD Becomes a Hot Topic In UK.. “fourfiveCBD is delighted to be the world’s first CBD product to be approved by BSCG. As a BSCG Certified Hemp ® product, fourfiveCBD’s 0% THC ensures that professional athletes can now take CBD with total peace of mind that our product is free from cross contamination of banned substances, synthetic chemicals and problematic ingredients,” said Dominic Day, co-founder and director, fourfiveCBD. “As professional athletes ourselves, we have responded to the market demand for a 0% THC and cross contamination checked product which has guaranteed provenance. Now, any athlete who wants to try CBD can do so with complete confidence. We’ve also created this new product with coaches and medical teams in mind who can now recommend a product to athletes that has been comprehensively tested. If you’re an athlete or part of a team around an athlete and you’re considering the use of a CBD product that hasn’t been tested for 0% THC and cross contamination of banned substances, we’d strongly advise against it.” BSCG offers a complete suite of product testing and certification programs that protect against drugs or other harmful agents, and recently introduced BSCG Certified Hemp™, the first broad-spectrum international third- party hemp certification program. “We’re pleased that fourfiveCDB 0% THC, a professional athlete-driven product developed for other professional athletes, happens to be our first official BSCG Certified Hemp™ product,” said Oliver Catlin, BSCG President. “Smart athletes who want to protect their health, their reputations and their sports are always better off choosing supplements and other products that have been rigorously tested by a top third-party certification provider like BSCG.” Seeking to enter into the UK’s burgeoning cannabis markets is Cura Partners, Inc., one of the largest cannabis and hemp-based CBD consumer products companies in the world, which has moved to officially enter the European market (EU) through a distribution agreement with Plata Wellness. The agreement allows Cura’s Select CBD products to be available direct to consumers in legal markets across Europe via the website . Cura has appointed Plata Wellness Limited (Plata) to assist with its entry into the EU. In addition to Plata’s role as Cura’s inaugural overseas distributor, Plata is also providing a number of other services including order fulfilment, payment processing, and in the future, licensing and manufacturing. This partnership begins with the introductions of Select’s CBD disposable vaporizer cartridges but will, over time, add other legal consumer products including tinctures, gel caps and muscle rubs. “Cura’s decision to move into Europe is in direct alignment with the company’s mission to be the leading provider of cannabis oil to consumers and brands in legal U.S. and international markets,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Cameron Forni. “I’m proud of the team that made this possible, and look forward to partnering with Plata Wellness to get the Select CBD brand into the hands of consumers across Europe.” Europe is home to more than 741 million people, more than double the combined population of the United States and Canada. When trying to extrapolate these numbers to account for the potential demand in Europe’s much larger population, there is a crystal-clear reason why established cannabis companies in the United States are now turning their attention to Europe. “We are very delighted to have partnered with Cura, the market leading company in this sector. We are excited to work together to bring the Select brand to prominence in Europe and to supply consumers with these award-winning products,” said Jon Robson, Managing Director at Plata Wellness Limited. Such a move showcases a new trend in the UK’s alternative medicine market and could provide many opportunities for other firms over the coming years.