2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

100 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20540 Most Pioneering Powder Nasal Spray Manufacturer 2020 Launched in 2002, Nasaleze International Ltd is a fast-growingmedical device company and manufacturer of Nasaleze, an innovative nasal powder spray which offers natural hay fever and allergy protection. As winners of Most Pioneering Powder Nasal SprayManufacturer in GHP’s Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, we share a unique insight into the secrets behind its success. Located in the Isle of Man, Nasaleze was founded almost 20 years ago by chemical engineer Michael James, who invented the nasal powder spray Nasaleze in an attempt to stop his young sons’ sneezing fits. Today, the company has a full range of nasal spray products and has sold over 20 million bottles, exported to over 50 countries and completed more than 40 clinical trials to support their mission. As a barrier technology, Nasaleze is a revolutionary patented cellulose powder which turns into a gel once in contact with moisture in the nasal tract and shields, protects and neutralises irritants entering the nose. Unlike other nasal spray brands, Nasaleze products only contain natural ingredients and do not contain antihistamines, steroids or oxymetazoline and have virtually no known side effects. Over recent months, Nasaleze International Ltd has seen the exponential growth of its Nasaleze Cold & Flu Blocker and Nasaleze Travel with online sales erupting by a staggering nine thousand percent. This is largely due to the pandemic with people concerned about leaving the house and seeking out protection against airborne germs and viruses. In Q2 of this year Nasaleze carried out a study titled ‘Viricidal activity of Nasaleze Cold & Flu Blocker and Nasaleze Travel in cell cultures infected with human pathogenic coronavirus 229-E’. The study showed that the cellulose powder nasal spray could play a vital role in creating a barrier inside the nasal cavity and ultimately shielding the virus from entering the nose. By combining the use of the cellulose powder nasal spray together with the wearing of face masks, the study suggests that this could significantly increase the protection of individuals to Covid-19. With the pandemic most likely increasing the demand for such nasal protection products in the future, the industry is likely to see a positive impact and growth in the coming years and Nasaleze are in an excellent and unique position to expand further into both new and existing markets. Yes with all their success so far Nasaleze International Ltd is continuing to push the limits of what they can do. Their recent accolade is a true testament of their innovation, ambition and dedication. Going forward, the future looks bright with exciting opportunities to grow and enhance its product offerings and customer base. Contact Details: Company: Nasaleze International Ltd Web: www.nasaleze.com “People are looking for products that will benefit them and their families and keep them safe more than ever before.”

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