2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 101 , Sep20138 Best Health Ecommerce Platform - Portugal “MedicalShop ‘’ is one of the leading portuguese’s distributors of medical products and equipment. They promote the best solution in the market, to helpmanufacturers in the development of new alternative products that meet costumers demands and needs. Spite they also have their own brand products, they are mainly solutions providers. The company is strongly committed to delivering high quality reliable service and products. Their Ecommerce website is working on a global constant expansion continually working to provide a better experience and improve the lives of many patients around the world. Since its inception, MedicalShop has been committed to providing equipment and products for the health and wellbeing sector. A team of specialists dedicated to delivering the highest quality in service and products, MedicalShop is a leading Portuguese organisation contributing to the optimisation of services in health institutions across Europe and beyond, which in turn benefits and improves the quality of life for patients and their loved ones. Positioned in national and international markets, MedicalShop is driven by the belief in delivering the best medical products and equipment in the world, as assessed by the criteria of accuracy, quality and ergonomics. Working with a global network of partners and medical brands, MedicalShop is able to guarantee that each of their products are verified to be of a world-class standard, and offer the most comprehensive selection of orthopaedic products, medical equipment and technical aids in Portugal. MedicalShop also distributes products from major Portuguese manufacturers, representing Portugal on a global stage as part of the organisation’s mission to become the largest marketplace in the Portuguese health industry, and one of the most significant in Europe. Principally promoting Portuguese products, MedicalShop is currently focused on growing its investment into private label products and its expansion of sales into the European market. Predominantly this expansion is being built around extending internationalisation through MedicalShop’s reference marketplaces. Meanwhile, the organisation is also focusing on how they as an organisation can improve their offerings and services, guided by their values of innovation, efficiency, trust, commitment and team spirit, orientation for continuous improvement, transparency, integrity and professionalism, and social responsibility. On a more practical level, the MedicalShop team is working on the continued creation of their own brand products to be sold alongside third-party products. This includes the addition of three more branches of products distributed by MedicalShop, which were launched in 2020. In addition to orthopaedics and medical equipment, the company now also supplies organic foods, food supplies and natural cosmetics, answering the growing demands for these products. As such, MedicalShop was able to further establish its position as the largest and leading supplier of health and wellness products in Portugal. The company is also focusing on the binomial online offline, exploring the cohesion and close relationship of their ecommerce platform and their physical stores based across Portugal. In this way, MedicalShop is able to ensure that whether a customer be visiting in person or using the site from any location in the world, they can be guaranteed the same level of satisfaction in the selection and purchase experience. To that end, the company’s new Logistics Center Medical Shop is now ready to open and welcome guests at the end of 2020. However, whilst a focus on technology and expansion are key to the success of MedicalShop as they lead the health and wellness market in their provision of world-class products and equipment, the company continues to focus on investment into its human resources. MedicalShop relies heavily in its team of specialists to listen to and answer the unique needs of their clients, building trusted relationships with them so as to keep the standards in quality high and ensure that they and MedicalShop are maximising their potential in bettering the lives of patients worldwide. Consequently, in addition to their manufacturing and distributing work, MedicalShop seeks to integrate and promote voluntary actions that reflect an effective social concern, both for their community and the environment. The ‘Amor Em Movimento’ project is what drives MedicalShop to find more solutions and provide support to those most in need of healthcare. As such, MedicalShop is making their significant contribution to making the world a fairer place not only for their clients, but for all. Contact: Eduardo Calheiros (Founder/CEO) Company: MedicalShop Address: Rua Conde de Bertiandos,269 Ponte De Lima - Portugal Email: eduardo.ca[email protected] Web Address: www.medicalshop.pt

http://www.medicalshop.pt/ http://www.nasaleze.com/ http://www.onfab.co.uk/ https://ceebe.be/