2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

106 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20704 Best Medical Device Manufacturing Consultancy - UK Medical device manufacturing has suddenly become one of the most busy industries to be involved in, with personal protective equipment, ventilators, andmanymore devices seeing a massive increase in demand to fight COVID-19. Whilst the virus may have been the standout topic of conversation this year, there are other medical devices that need innovating and manufacturing, and that is where Openwater comes in. Discover more about this outstanding, specialist company as we profile its work. Openwater is a specialist company that provides cross-discipline services, including design, manufacturing, gold standard ISO certification and regulatory compliance, to medical device companies based in both domestic and international markets. Openwater provides the vital link between client and market entry to ensure timely, compliant, and cost-effective entry to relevant sectors. The origins behind choosing the name Openwater and its logo lie in finding a way to signal to companies the ability of sailing to open water, unburdened by the specialised tasks and skills that Openwater can provide. The client base that the firm works with is comprised largely of start-ups wishing to manufacture devices themselves or subcontract their manufacture, established small and medium companies within the market their own brand, legal entities seeking specialised advice, or those providing interim management for expanding or diverging companies. A full understanding of the client’s needs from day one is absolutely essential to the service provided by Openwater. Misinterpretation can often be the source of delays, project creep, and cost overruns, but understanding can clear all that up without fuss. The firm also prides itself on providing accurate project feasibility studies that properly reflect a client’s wishes and, so often, elements that the client had not previously mentioned or considered. Openwater’s mission is to be the go-to consultancy for any type of organisation that wants professional, friendly, experienced, and commercially- minded advice from people that have developed their skill sets from many years in the same industry. What makes the firm unique is the fact that it is a one-stop-shop that can help clients manage their medical device needs from the cradle to the grave. Hands-on, top quality, value and no fuss. Most recently, a UK-based client has contracted Openwater to support them in the development of a new silicone-based technology for a variety of single-use medical devices. The devices dramatically reduce patient trauma from the effects of prolonged use of skin contact products. Openwater currently supports a Welsh manufacturing company with all their regulatory compliance requirements to bring an exciting new respiratory device to market. The firm has implemented its clients’ Quality Management System so it complies with all European regulatory requirements. Perhaps most importantly, Openwater understands the reluctance and anxiety of clients to involve themselves with increasingly more complex requirements and the pitfalls these cause to start-up manufacturing ambitions. Openwater identifies what’s legally required, and avoids the commonly superfluous activities that impede progress to market. Crucial to the firm’s success is that it remains at the forefront of emerging industry developments by keeping abreast of the latest moves in manufacturing and design technology, materials science, and global regulatory compliance requirements. Openwater does this by participating in industry forums, attending exhibitions, conventions, and maintaining regular contact with both past and present clients. The firm bolsters these activities with an impressive record of continuous professional development on the part of its own staff, and that has paved the way for more innovations in the future. Openwater is actively involved in plant-based plastics, especially given the world’s collective leaning towards a more environmentally and sustainable future including device manufacturing. Ultimately, the world of medical device manufacturing is one that has become vitally important the more 2020 has gone on. Devices that are capable of helping people breathe and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been the talk of the industry. Openwater is aiding the development and market release of such devices. Companies working in the medical device manufacturing industry can rest assured that the work carried out by Openwater is of the highest standard and calibre, and the firm is fully deserving of this success in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 from Global Health and Pharma Magazine. Contact Details: Company: Openwater International Limited Contact: Mr Nick Shelley Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.openwater.uk.com/

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