2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 107 , Sep20110 Most Trusted Dental Practice 2020 - Glasgow Oral hygiene is important for everybody to consider, and ensuring that everybody can see a dentist they feel comfortable around is just as important. Maintaining proper clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums is all a part of oral hygiene, and keeping it to a high standard is pleasant for everybody. In the heart of south Glasgow lies a family-friendly dental practice that encourages the best oral hygiene practices, andmakes every patient feel right at home. To find out more about Shawlands Dental Care, and why it deserved to win in this years’ Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards fromGlobal Health and PharmaMagazine, we took a closer look at the dental practice. Based in the south of Glasgow, the family-friendly, warm, and welcoming atmosphere at Shawlands Dental Care lays to rest all the myths about being afraid of having to go to the dentist. Shawlands Dental Care dutifully serves NHS, private, and referral patients for all their dental needs, regardless of complexity or ease. Over the years since being founded and its subsequent establishment within the south Glasgow region, Shawlands Dental Care has become the preferred dental clinic choice for busy families and professionals. Its ongoing mission remains the same as it ever was; to provide its patients with the very best customer services and ensure that they are treated as a privilege. Shawlands Dental Care also actively engages with its patients, gathering their feedback through online platforms in a bid to improve the service and make sure that every future patient has an equally calming and pleasurable experience at the dentist. It is not just the dental services offered at Shawlands Dental Care that make it stand out from the crowd of other dentists in and around the area in south Glasgow. Rather, Shawlands Dental Care prides itself on being a multi-disciplinary dental practice. It is very rare that the practice ever needs to refer a patient out, and often takes a great deal in due to the outstanding nature of the staff and the skills that are on offer. Not only does this make things much easier for the patients as they can complete all their treatments in-house, but it also gives patients the chance to get to know all the staff well, instead of being familiar with just one person. This thereby increases their familiarity with the practice, and also their confidence in the practice as a whole. Keen to not rest on their laurels and enjoy the success that the practice has achieved thus far, the team at Shawlands Dental Care continues to look for ways that they can improve. In partnership with developers, the practice has just finished an expansion to its space, and also added two more surgeries alongside several offices which are dedicated to dealing with all patient enquiries by phone, email, and online. This process of expansion has been carried out with the purpose of taking a lot of work off the receptionists, given the fact that they are no longer answering phones whilst dealing with patients coming in and out of the practice itself. COVID-19 has undoubtedly played a significant role in the dentistry industry across the Scotland, and the wider United Kingdom throughout 2020. Many dental practices were forced to close for a period of time, and were only permitted to open once again when it was safe to do so and they could adequately carry out services with maximum protection against spreading the virus. Most dental procedures require equipment which cases an aerosol effect, and carrying out these procedures meant that staff were required to wear enhanced protective equipment. Once the procedure has been carried out, the staff then have to leave the room empty for some time before performing a thorough clean. In order to comply with these new rules surrounding procedures that generate an aerosol effect, Shawlands Dental Care has had to adjust its opening hours slightly, and the dentists themselves are not yet back to full time hours. This means longer waiting times for appointments, which can be deeply frustrating for both staff and patients alike. Nevertheless, the standard at Shawlands Dental Care remains incredibly high, and the team are doing absolutely everything they can to ensure that service is as normal as it can be for patients needing key dental work. Ultimately, this dental practice has had to navigate 2020 in its own way, and it has done so without losing any of the elements that make it outstanding. Contact Details: Company: Shawlands Dental Care Contact: Ashley O’Connell Website: https://www.shawlandsdentalcare.co.uk/ Shawlands Dental Care

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